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Thank you Google for admitting it. It's high-time to switch to s default in Android and desktop.


Google engineers have revealed that โ€œunsafeโ€ code within Chrome is responsible for 70% of its security vulnerabilities and 125 of the 130 โ€œcriticalโ€ bugs found in the browser over the last year.ย 

While all Chromium-based browsers (Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, etc) are built on the same code and therefore subject to the same weaknesses, one alternative stands out: Firefox. Unlike Chromium browsers, Firefox is built using Rust, a safety-focused programming language which is specifically designed to be memory safe.ย

creator on the latest found in 's . A MUST READ!

WhatsApp doesnโ€™t only fail to protect your WhatsApp messagesโ€“this app is being consistently used as a Trojan horse to spy on your non-WhatsApp photos and messages.

"Popular Apps on Google Play Store Remain Unpatched"

Like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. I guess nothing new there, right?

users! Be very careful with sideloading / APK-installing apps. Once you get infected by this, you have to live with it.

Quoting: Making matters worse, the malware continues to re-install itself to the device โ€“ even after victims have uninstalled it or performed a factory reset.

Alert! Be careful.

Researchers at Symantec havenโ€™t yet figured out how the malware manages to remain on the device even after a factory reset or a user decides to manually stop the service.

's 's next update will whitelist-lock to prevent users from getting a different YouTube region.

Huh? What happened? He was the face of FSF.

"On September 16, 2019, Richard M. Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation, resigned as president and from its board of directors."

A good read on serialisation protocols:

"It seems that every day, some computer monkey comes up with a new and more groovy serialization protocol."

"It also bugs the hell out of me that people idiotically serialize data when they donโ€™t have to"

The layout for Facebook for Android was updated today and it now looks like Facebook for iOS. This is of course in preparation for the Dark Mode feature, which I personally can not wait because I don't like all the whiteness.

Facebook Pages Manager also received a very slight update, looks like it will receive Dark Mode too.

is out. I love the new privacy and security features they added. I can't wait to see it in my 6.1 Plus this coming December or January.

Here are the features which caught my attention:

Started translating into Filipino yesterday.

แœ€แœƒแœ’แœ…แœ” แœแœ’แœˆแœ’แœ‹แœ“แœŽแœˆแœ” แœ€แœ…แœ” แœ‰แœ„แœ”แœแœŽแœ’แœˆแœ” แœ แœแœ’แœƒแœ…แœ” แœ‰แœ’แœŽแœ’แœ‰แœ’แœˆแœ“ แœ€แœ…แœ” Twidere แœƒแœ‘แœ‰แœ“แœˆแœ”แœถ

Aking sinimulan ang pagsalin sa wikang Pilipino ang Twidere kahapon.

The new modern Google Play Store app design is rolling out today and there's no more way to opt-out.

This was first rolled out randomly a few months ago and I had to "clear data" my Google Play Store app to return to the old design. This morning, even after doing the "clear data" method, the Google Play Store app will keep on updating itself to the new design.

No Dark Mode yet but probably soon. Browsing Music is also now possible right from the app (without launching Google Play Music).


They literally have and continue to profit from the dismantling of society and malicious psychological manipulation at the scale of billions.

Twitter too. Arguably without the billions part.

Opinion | Do You Have a Moral Duty to Leave Facebook?

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