@QOTO I appreciate the variety of services opens up (I appreciate nixnet, snopyta, ouvaton, disroot, frama* too). Becaise I also appreciate all-in-one solutions like Hubzilla and public hubs, I was wondering if the one log-in can be used for all of's services.


It would require a lot of work as not all services support SAML. It would be nice too. Then there is the question as to how we would reconcile the different accounts people already have.


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And here we stumble upon the question of revolutionary change and legacy compatibility again :ablobcatbongo:

It's time that Freemo develops a new standard to change the web

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I already developed it, its the FMO format. Its basically just an ascii text file format but where all the spaces are replaced with the ascii number '69' and it makes fart jokes whenever you hit return.

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Make it Middle Endian
(Half of the bytes are read front way the other half backwards)

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@mur2501 just to round out the discussion, yet another all-in-one flavor isn't what came to mind. More about sharing atleast the auth artifact across projects. As @freemo said, that seems to be about designing with SAML support.

@freemo thanks. I was only asking about services on the same domain, for an instance like

sharing log-ins across domains/service providers is quite a leap, I only recently felt that I understood how Hubzilla's "nomadic" identity/OpenWebAuth works and it wasn't how I thought it works earlier.

That does suggest that free/open software developers could collaborate more. Hubzilla (and Friendica, and Diaspora) still have, say, their own events and calendars and photo album support, and Mastodon (and Mobilizon, and Pixelfed) have their own auth.

@tetrislife if by same domain you mean to include subdomains then the issues I raised are still relevant. They are relevant tot he qoto services since each one is a separate app and not all of them integrate with SAML

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