grief and loss 

We put my dog to sleep yesterday afternoon. She was a 15 year old labrador named Abby. I love her, and I tried to make sure she knew that, every day. On one one hand, I'm glad that she is released from her pain, as she was arthritic and had cancer, but on the other hand it rips me apart. Goodbye, Abby. I will always love you. I am so happy that you are at peace in Heaven.

grief and loss 

Sorry to hear that mate. She is in a better place for sure. :(

grief and loss 

@shibaprasad @togs

Yes, I am sorry for your loss, Duncan. I lost my two beloved cats, my companions, within a six month period. The house long felt empty without them, and I am still not ready to get other .

Visiting the local cat adoption shop is nice but I have to leave soon, emotions.

They left a painful state, and hopefully went on to a better place. RIP, Abby.

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