@torresjrjr @mnmlsm

Some disambiguation would be helpful (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini)

(without having to hand over my IP to that site)

Here, Project

And sr.ht is a FOSS code forge

Did you mistake it for some kind of link shortener?

I've never heard of adnano.co or sr.ht, (or the gemini protocol for that manner)

I've been in IT for over 40+ years. The tech space has become so vast lately you can't assume someone is familiar with a particular piece of it even if you've had your head into a portion of it for years and it seems like second nature to you.

Sorry, my toot reads a little abrupt. No disrespect intended.

On the contrary, being a '99ner, I'm only rediscovering old protocols and computing. I agree, it's a haystack out there with all it's gems and rubble. I just want to carry the torch.

No worries


I'm getting so old now that my brain is full and I'm rediscovering stuff that I just learned about last year! It's like being able to hide my own Easter eggs.

There's more ssg's than moons in our solar system, and I'm guilty for writting my own.


(Don't even, it's a bloated boar which needs putting down)

Worst thing is, I'm thinking of wrtting another one. Help.

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