(🇪🇸 ) is the most liveable in the world, and the 9th best city in the world overall, according to the Mori Memorial Foundation’s “Global Power City Index” 2021.

@tripu I’ve visited Madrid a few times. I’d not want to live there, though.

@tripu It’s just a too big a city with too big buildings. It felt distant to me. It’s way too many buildings together too, in the summer it’s just blazing hot that way. It’s simply not my type of city. :)

@trinsec @tripu
So it's that you're not into metro cities where skyscrapers block out the sky?

@lucifargundam I actually don't remember Madrid having skyscrapers. But the town has those 'big' buildings, very big and bulky. It was rather all same-looking to me. It was all apartment blocks after apartment blocks.



Definitely hot in summer. And all the asphalt doesn’t help.

Then, I guess what you’re comparing it to, of course. Having lived in London and Tokyo, and visited places like NYC, does not strike me as particularly high-rise. And although it has its fair share of ugly buildings, it’s not brutalist nor particularly degraded or anything like that.

As in most other European cities, there are beautiful picturesque old neighbourhoods suffused in History and art.

Perhaps you spent too much time in the outskirts or in commuter towns? I also find that the weather has a huge impact in how I perceive the places I visit.

I like Madrid. I have seen cities that seem much more liveable to me (the no. 1 in that ranking is very odd) — but Madrid has a farily balanced combination of financial/job opportunities, culture, services, atmosphere, and tolerance, IMHO.

Drop a DM before visiting next time, and perhaps I can show you around :) (/cc @lucifargundam).

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