Too long, and too histrionic, to say many things that the good folks at IndieWeb, the EFF, etc have been saying for a decade or two now.

Not to mention incoherent (if “the is fucked and there’s nothing we can do about it”, why should I care about it, bother to read the post, or try to change anything at all?), inaccurate (“web 1.0 […] was better”… there are few breaking changes in the development of the : that web the author misses didn’t go anywhere; anyone can still create and browse sites like those) and naïve (have fun using alternatives to Gmail, Google Maps, Wikipedia, many kinds of streaming, collaborative editing of online docs, some kinds of feeds or syndication, sites with 3D capabilities, microblogging, etc!).

@tripu It seems like a really long way of saying "I'm nostalgic for old geocities sites". Was it really worth setting up a whole domain for this blog post?

@wildgoose @tripu
> ..a whole domain..
@ztx shares this same sentiment. I don't share it. I often enjoy and use monotopical websites. I thank the internet gods everyday for

@tripu I share your feeling about this manifesto, I think all the cussing is a marketing move to attract attention. The spirit of the old web is still alive if you look for it, like the IndieWeb that you mentioned.

Nowadays I try to focus on the parts of the web that I like, and ignore most of the rest, I think it's making me happier. I'm very surprised when I see what people consume out of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, the TV... Thank you, no, thank you.

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