Note to self about and :

  1. for sleek hand-drawn diagrams (just a few shapes, but great UI)
  2. for blocky, corporate-looking diagrams (plenty of clipart, bloated UI)
  3. for auto generation of diagrams belonging to a handful of types (computing, engineering, business), similar to (very limited, but declarative and text-based)
  4. for the lolz, basically

@tripu Asciiflow reminds me of good ol’ TheDraw back then. I had a lot of fun with that software in the old BBS times.


Too specific as a generic tool (and I was looking for web-based ones), but thank you!

It’s a wrapper around Graphviz, which I love :)

@tripu I love this for doing UML Sequence Diagrams. Most of Rational Unified Process I've dropped along with much of their diagrams but I still find sequence diagrams useful.

@tripu More examples welcome of these types of:
- online diagrams
- flow charts
- even art conversions like the ASCII art etc!

(and mentioning / indicating which it came from would be ideal as a pic - I'm guessing you did it this in order of the list as pictured so that's good)

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