I’m so annoyed by the appification of services…

No, I won’t install your stupid app just to book a haircut, to see the balance in my meal card, or to be notified when my vehicle is ready to leave the garage.

Especially if your stupid app needs a ton of irrelevant permissions, weights 250 MB, keeps itself always busy in the background and bugs me with notifications!

Develop a fucking universal web app which can be used by pretty much anyone anywhere immediately and without leaving a trail of binary droppings.

and FTW.

@tripu or just let me use your website or give me email notifications to serve this purpose instead.

what really grinds my gears is newer HP printers seeming to need a damned mobile phone app to get everything to work. I had to troubleshoot one for my mom and it wouldn't give me anything useful without the app.

she wound up buying a different printer that didn't need such nonsense. the printer is connected to a computer already, it should not need a separate computer (smartphone) to work.
@tripu Are you Elon Musk in disguise? Cuz he just said that exact same shit the other day.
@tripu The Internet of things is possibly the dumbest tech innovation in recent history. No, i don't need my refrigerator to tell me when my milk is running low, thanks LG.
@Oven_Dodger @tripu You need IoT so that your fridge can charge you a monthly subscription to open its doors or use its ice maker. We're getting to a weird point where lower end products without obtrusive features are going to be comparable or better than some of the premium ones.
@BowsacNoodle @tripu I love those videos of people that have trouble with their "smart" ovens or grills and it's like ERROR SOFTWARE UPDATE REQUIRED like nigger it's an OVEN it does not not a software update to turn on!!!!
@chemical_ali @BowsacNoodle @tripu The incel uprising will finally be among us when the tendies can't be cooked
@Oven_Dodger @tripu My cousin's landlord put a brand new fancy washer and dryer in his house, and they froze up due to a circuit board failure at four months old. He and his wife were stuck with no washer for a MONTH because parts were on backorder and everybody kept passing the buck. The guy ended up buying a refurbished commercial washer with no electronics after all that headache.
@BowsacNoodle @Oven_Dodger @tripu Wow... his clothes washer froze up? Did he not check her for circuit boards before marrying her?
@BowsacNoodle @Oven_Dodger @tripu You're not kidding. Recently had a buddy tell me he's been working his ass off to pay down some debt, and he's got a projected date down to the month for zero balance and everything.
As he was doing this, his Mrs. ran up several thousands of extra credit card debt she declined to mention to him.
@BowsacNoodle @Oven_Dodger @tripu Was gonna say hearing about that was one of those "bring back coveture" moments. But those are... uh... all moments for me.
@Nou @Oven_Dodger @tripu Based. Would actually solve a gigantic amount of problems. I'm pretty confident in saying women's vulnerability to marketing and social psychology is close to the level of men's vulnerability to porno.
@BowsacNoodle @Oven_Dodger @tripu Funny that. It's *almost* as if our ancestors weren't horrible, hateful monsters who put laws in place just because they liked oppressing others, and actually had just kind of figured out what worked for society through thousands of years of trial and error.
@Nou @Oven_Dodger @tripu Exactly. There's two sides to the same coin here, and it's too often that people obsess over one.
>[ENEMY GROUP] knew this would happen(and are therefore super powerful and subversive, and (blackpill or fedpost here)
>[OUR ANCESTORS] knew this would happen and are therefore incredibly wise, and we should tread lightly outside the fences they established.
@Oven_Dodger @tripu you vill be monitored by your refrigerator and you vill be happy
@tripu >Develop a fucking universal web app which can be used by pretty much anyone anywhere immediately and without leaving a trail of binary droppings.

Sure, that's a web browser. And it's way better than a "webapp".

@tripu ... and the app comes with built in trackers and can only be downloaded from within the closed walls of commercial app stores. I feel you!

@tripu Agreed. I suspect you need an app to be able to park in my neighbourhood.

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