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Right, so this explains why I couldn’t access various projects all day… Funny, they don’t seem to block microsoft‧com despite being known to distribute malware.

Also in : Word’s grammar checker for French is pretty useless. (Not my text, I don’t use Word.)

As if software weren't bloated enough already, every tool now insists on installing its own browser!?

I guess a VPN client only requires a browser to display the login form…

Finally took delivery of our G2 grinder.

It replaces a Eureka Mignon Silenzio, which is also a good grinder, but the G2 has some unique features—and of course, the design matches that of the Zuriga espresso machine…

Before and after ;-)

Of course you can’t see that I replaced the switches, but I also used the opportunity to change the layout—the <> key on the right side was more irritating than expected…

Keycaps are DSS Late Harvest.

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From the introduction of the paper “Here Come the ‘Computer People’: Anthropomorphosis, Command, and Control in Early Personal Computing” by @starkcontrast.

Considering ”tech” execs today, I can’t help but think ”plus ça change…”

From what I have seen, the texts produced by tend to start off strong, but then quickly become repetitive. Of course, circular definitions are great for internal coherence…

And as it says in the fine print: “Language Models are prone to hallucinate text.”

How do you spell “trustworthy”? By mixing Latin and Cyrillic characters.

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