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An example of how far we've come in processing power: These are the three workstations I used in the 1990s, a #CommodoreAmiga 4000, a SUN #Sparc 5, and a white boxed #Pentium running #NeXTSTEP 3.3, all running at the same time, at full speed, and I still can do other things. #retrocomputing

I wish people would understand that using a microphone for questions in a conference room is also a question of inclusivity.
Always some (mostly men) to say "it's OK I'll speak up" without waiting for the mike.

RT @adfichter
"Praxistauglich ist das nicht, wenn Mitarbeitende bei jedem Dokument entscheiden müssen, ob es nun in die Cloud kommt oder nicht."

The really remarkable thing isn't just that #Microsoft has decided that the future of #search isn't links to relevant materials, but instead lengthy, florid paragraphs written by a #chatbot who happens to be a habitual liar - even more remarkable is that #Google agrees.

If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


Sure #AI can write a poem or park a car but there are mathematical problems that current computers will never solve.

“Even if a computer’s speed could reach the physical limit, computational hurdles remain due to the limits of algorithms.”

Lacking in all the (vast) discussion of ChatGPT, Bing, et al: transparency about the degree of ad hoc human intervention in creating answers to frequently asked questions. How much is being hard-coded, in other words?

I suspect it’s much more than we know.

#DH​ers (and beyond)! We want to talk about #operationalisation, and invite submissions to a specific #workshop on the topic. The full #cfp can be found here:, abstracts need to be submitted by May 1st, workshop will be in September.

“What’s noteworthy isn’t that large language models generate false information, but how good they are at turning off people’s critical reasoning abilities.”

The possibilities are endless.

Unlike , “ is Free Software and not owned by anyone. I say that not as a true believing ideologue but as someone who’s been around long enough to know how operates and to not trust them or their intentions. I worry that Microsoft will eventually revert to type and pull the rug out from under VS Code users.”

I fully agree. I’d even say it’s absolutely certain that Microsoft will at some point lock people in. For example, why is code plain text and can be edited with any text editor? Microsoft will certainly change this at some point: if you want to use the cool new AI features, you’ll have to store your code in a proprietary format in the Microsoft cloud. Maybe you’ll be able to export it, but only one file at a time, and through a Web interface that crashes after three files.

And if you'd like to dig into the social and political implications of BBS culture, you might click on...

📚 An essay based on excerpts from my book, "The Modem World: A Prehistory of Social Media," published in ISSUES in Science and Technology

🥳 And a thrilling roundtable on the theme of "Imagining a Better Internet" with @tamigraph, Finn Brunton, @apdamegriff, Kat Brewster, Frances Corry

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Happy BBS DAY 2023! It's been 45 years since the creation of CBBS Chicago.

📻 Northern Public Radio published a nice piece about the legendary system

📹 To hear the story from Ward and Randy, watch BBS: The Documentary by @textfiles

🕸 Redditors are posting videos of themselves BBSing from all sorts of weird devices

📠 To light up a few boards yourself, check the Telnet BBS Guide

Swiss researchers are starting to realize that the current SNSF Sinergia call will be the last one and are frantically trying to meet the April 17 submission deadline. Potential reviewers, brace yourself for a lot of half-baked proposals that would have needed a few more rounds of revision… 😩

MEDSCAPE article on NICE and Evusheld, with comment from me and others.

Owing to government & process delays, this committee was pushed back & back while COVID continued to mutate. By the time the committee met, almost a full year after the MHRA gave marketing authorisation for Evusheld it was no longer proven to work against the most recent variants

Does anybody has a setup for storing image credits in a way that can be automatically processed, e.g., by a filter?

The idea is: when I use an image in a lecture, the required image credits are looked up automatically and added to the slides or lecture notes in a way that is appropriate for the output format (as a footnote, a link, listed on an extra page, etc.).

The hardest part seems to be to decide where to store the information, because there are so many standards (see, e.g., or

Are you studying #History or #ClassicalStudies? Do you want to share tools, methods, tips&tricks with fellow researchers? Fantastic! Join the #DHNB2023 online workshop "Exploring Digital Tools and Platforms for Individual Research of History and Antiquity" on March 9, 2023, 9 to 12 CET. Info and registration on the workshop website

Do platforms like Uber, Upwork, Google, and Amazon represent a fundamental transformation of capitalism – or merely a digital form of neoliberalism?

In a recent publication in @BigDataSoc, I use regulation theory to answer this question. 🧵 1/

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