Hello I am Matt, I joined mastodon a few times and recently lost my account on librem.one due to some technical issues and a misunderstanding. Anyway here I am starting over again, I had considered running my own instance but seemed to hold similar values so here I am.

I love the outdoors and computing. Philisophically I think personal is the ultimate persuit of expression and hapiness, while engaging with other free individuals we create a understanding society. The only way to have a and respectful is to respect others freedoms.

This love of freedom like is also important in computing. should be a bigger topic in the mainstream, even if someone is not technically compotent, it should be easy to understand that the blueprints to the software that run our dams, electrical, city halls, science, communication etc, etc.. is very important.

My hope is to share various passions of mine here on qoto and find new friends in the fediverse. Eventually see all the people I love on fediverse. This is more ethical platform for social connectedness and more natural like the p2p nature of in person communicatrion.

Here are a list of some of my interests in hash tags:

I'll attempt to repost this and add tags as time goes on.

@twotwenty Hi I enjoyed so much reading you, Im from Argentina and I been curious about another social networks because I was bored of the usuals but I didnt considerate everythinh you re saying. Thank you, I think that too and want my friends to join this platform too 🌎


@dearcatastrophewaitress I am really happy to see you on the mastodon network.

You live in a country full of rich history.

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