@kreyren ah cool I was consuming spot.ecloud.global also a searx but its slow.

@twotwenty tis one so far serves me well, but onion service would be better

Rude joke about search engine URL... 

@twotwenty I was going to ask what you meant by just "fuckfuckgo" and if it was .com ? :)

But of course I'm too scared even to try type that in - so it's not even a real question don't worry!

Probably there is but I'm not even going to try it, nor do I encourage anyone visiting such a name for a link!

but then I wondered...

fuckfuckgo.CUM ?

Is there such a domain ?

(again wouldn't expect much from that)

SO pardon me for extending this conversation... or interruption...

Perhaps I should conclude this chatter for tonight...

*bows, and walks off still trying to work out what didn't need working out...*

[ ...hmm no that wouldn't work...

...would have to be

fuckfuckcum.go ]





"Anyway. goodnight gentlefolk!"

he waves and he exits the entrance and forgets the whole thing when someone mentions it months later...

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