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Dear ukrainians, welcome to the czech republic! ❤️

TPMOCZ reports 20 000 ukraine arriving to czechia in the last 24h

The WEBSITE was just launched provided as a coordinating portal for ukrainians to find everything they need to feel safe in czechia and for those who offer help such as providing places to stay, hygiene products, transport, etc..

If you have nowhere to stay or need help in general then call +420 974 801 802 and people will help you in your native language.

If you have a ukrainian sim card then you should receive an SMS when you enter czechia with these informations.

The national assistence center has been established and will/is providing hotspots for ukrainians to register across czechia.

Further informations can be found on in ukrainian language.

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I am ending maintenance of all my already published open-source projects and contributions until I finish the work on sufficient management solution.

The projected solution is expected to have test-driven Quality Assurance ("QA") meaning that anyone can merge as long as their contribution passes tests with both rolling (may contain malware, sandboxed bootstrapping for testing is projected to be provided for all repos) and release-based cycle (malware-free and stricter QA).

I may publish more projects during this period, but i won't be responding to issues and merge requests as much.

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Afaik Burning $LUNA won't fix the problem with hyper demand it has.. it will just make people who bought LUNA after the crash filthy rich at the cost of people who lost millions.

Fork is the way

Is Dutch actually the less painful german? without long af and agonizing words that are pain to learn?

The concepts of responsible gun ownership and requirement for background checks to make sure you don't give a fucking automatic weapon to a mentally ill person who will use it for mass killings is known around the world these killings happen ONLY in US and it will never get fixed and it's getting exponentially worse each day as soon as US has a incompetent and malfunctioning government that forces people to either choose from two political parties who in majority do not represent their political ideology or be told to fuck off from politics while constantly promoting divide and toxicity against one another to abolish the concept of free and fair election.

US needs to dramatically rework it's political system or it will be their downfall.

LinuxFX (The Linux Distribution designed to look and feel like Windows) replicated the experience perfectly including major user database compromise, activation keys and data mining lol

Day ~4 after criticizing Elon Musk publicly over Free Speech on Twitter.

My twitter account is locked.

In light of Ukraine's invasion it is no longer tolerable to treat PRC with the undeserved respect surrounding taiwan.

Taiwan (ROC) is Free and Democratic COUNTRY

Calling ROC 'chinese taipei' is racism

PRC's invasion of the COUNTRY will be met with force by NATO.

Day ~3 since i got 95% of my followers removed after criticizing @elonmusk over free speech.

My impressions are down ~70% now

The left wing pro-abortion arguments are getting exponentially more insane (video by @dpakman)

The "filtration camps" used in ruzzia for kidnapped ukrainians are exactly like concentration camps for jews used by nazi germany in WW2

War criminals must face justice in the Hague.

For the crime of aggression against Ukraine, Putin and his proxy Lukashenko must be held accountable and tried by a special international tribunal fully supported by the EU.



What should NATO's response be if Ukraine regains all of it's territory and then goes beyond it?

We need to sent a lot more anti-AA tanks to make sure that ukraine is able to defend itself against cruise missiles and air raids

I still hope that the russian soldier who is tried in ukraine is going to get not guilty verdict as from the provided informations he couldn't do anything to not kill the ukrainian man and even refused to do so until he was ordered to which is basically as much as you can get with RUF.

Trying them as NATO soldier is unjust.

If you use gas for cooking then consider getting ~10 EUR electrical stove and cook with it instead, you will help a lot with war in ukraine and EU's management of energy crisis.

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