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@2Russophobic4u Don’t joke with Joe

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Dear ukrainians, welcome to the czech republic! ❤️

TPMOCZ reports 20 000 ukraine arriving to czechia in the last 24h

The WEBSITE was just launched provided as a coordinating portal for ukrainians to find everything they need to feel safe in czechia and for those who offer help such as providing places to stay, hygiene products, transport, etc..

If you have nowhere to stay or need help in general then call +420 974 801 802 and people will help you in your native language.

If you have a ukrainian sim card then you should receive an SMS when you enter czechia with these informations.

The national assistence center has been established and will/is providing hotspots for ukrainians to register across czechia.

Further informations can be found on in ukrainian language.

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I am ending maintenance of all my already published open-source projects and contributions until I finish the work on sufficient management solution.

The projected solution is expected to have test-driven Quality Assurance ("QA") meaning that anyone can merge as long as their contribution passes tests with both rolling (may contain malware, sandboxed bootstrapping for testing is projected to be provided for all repos) and release-based cycle (malware-free and stricter QA).

I may publish more projects during this period, but i won't be responding to issues and merge requests as much.

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I would congratulate Sen. for his electoral victory in , but winning by such a thin margin against a candidate like is not really a victory.

It's a terrifying reality of the current state of US's democracy.

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"AI Prompt for ChatGPT: Write a code to calculate the area of a circle, with code commented in the style of Donald Trump."

submitted by GodKingofNothing

The fucking AI is teaching me school subjects better than the teachers..

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The EPP Group wants European Parliament to declare Holodomor in Ukraine as a genocide.

The Group proposes to put this on the agenda of the next plenary. The Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament will decide on this request on Thursday.

#Holodomor #StandWithUkraine


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Perhaps Russia can join NATO to get "security guarantees" to protect us from Ukraine.

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@fsf Respect Your Freedom is bullshit that actively sabotages Open-Source Hardware development through endorsement of proprietary developers like librem who refuse to release the relevant hardware files despite their CEO promising to do so years ago[]

Stick to software and hug off from hardware you are not qualified to make any kind of polities there

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allegedly fell and shit himself today. I have the images to prove it. More like Vladimir Poopin, am I right?

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The violation of EU sanctions against Russia won't pay off.

Today, we put forward a proposal to criminalise the evasion of EU restrictive measures.

It will make easier to investigate, prosecute and punish violations of sanctions in all EU countries.



A chinese-based company (subsidiary of ) has been caught mishandling user privacy and not complying with GDPR[1.2] in the EU[1][2][3][4] including using a facial recognition software to build up a database of european citizens for tracking across services[1.1] and who's products are still on the market[5] and used by many european citizens[6].

@guyverhofstadt @marcel_kolaja @EDPS_supervisor Please consider taking appropriate action to stop this violation of privacy and security in the EU.

1. easy to understand explanation by a security researcher starts at 0:25
1.1. 01:47 - summary of the facial recognition
1.2. 01:55 - Personal data not removed after the citizen removed their account (claim by security researcher in point 7)
2. Article on the subject in verge
3. Macrumors article
4. HotHardware Article on eufy security
5. Favorite search engine e.g. google for "Eufy camera" alike
6. Eufy products ranked among the best sellers on popular czech reseller[fraze]=eufycam&o
7. Security researcher who discovered the issue

Putler is open to negotiation? Where are russians withdrawing from this time?

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