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I like how 2-3 months ago people were telling me that i am stupid and insane for saying that boeing is a piece of shit that none should be flying.. Now these same people are filtering by the aircraft type at the flight ticket portal

I updated the poem by Petr Bezruc to reflect the modern times 

Sto let v písku jsem žil, smál jsem se,
sto let házel jsem s pouští,
za sto let v rukou bezvášných
z rukou mi písek se mísí.

Pískový vír mi do očí,
rubíny z rtů mi váně,
z vlasů, z vousů a z obočí
písek teď visí ve spoustě.

Chléb s pískem beru si do práce,
z práce jdu na práci znova,
u Nilu roste město slávy,
z krve mé a z mojí vody.

Sto let v poušti jsem smál se jen,
kdo mi ty sto let dá zpět?
Když jsem jim hrozil plácačkou svou,
kdekdo se začal mi smát.

Abych měl rozum, šel zas do písku,
pro pány dřel se jak prve -
mával jsem plácačkou - šlo to do rytmu
na Ostravě pískové krvavé!

Všichni vy na Slezské, všichni vy, dím,
nech je vám Petr neb Pavel,
mějž prs kryt štítem písečným,
tisícům k útoku zavel,

Všichni vy na Slezské, všichni vy, dím,
hlubokých páni vy dolů,
přijde den, z písků vzejde plamen a dým,
přijde den, zúčtujem spolu!

So how fucked up are you from JiaT75 on the scale from debian to bsd to NixOS?

How to get things merged in @olimex repo: A Comprehensive Guide

It seems that it's just matter of time until there is a major disaster with boeing again, why would people fly on their planes is beyond me.

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It's funny how everywhere I went in the last few days, the acceptance of cracked games - particularly #Ubisoft games - apparently skyrocketed ever since that dense CEO made the claim about people having to accept not owning your games anymore

Funny how that works.

Made a contribution to the postmarketOS wiki, it went 502 after

For those who work with XuanTie RiSC-V Processors and Missed this statement:

tldr their chips are failing riscv underflow float exception tests which will cause bugs for some software applications though they say that the issues are expected to be "very limited" in practice

Analysis of Fatal mass-shooting in Prague's Charles University of Philosophy 

There is a lot of false informations about the Prague shooting. Stay vigilant, listen to the current finding by Police and the government, remain open minded and verify the information prior to sharing them.

As of information that i was able to verify and how:
* The shooter has been identified as David Kozak by the police who reportedly fatally shot him in the university.
* Police found an "arsenal of weapons" in the charles university building, what classifies an arsenal and how did it get there is unknown to me.[1]
* Police suspects that shooting in the Planovicky forest which reportedly killed two people last week is related to this incident. [1.1]
* Reports on social media and allegedly by Nova TV say that the attacker used explosives, police was unable to verify the claim. The alleged claim by Nova TV might be police's use of flashbang or equipment alike that was misinterpreted.
* Video in the ref.2 likely shows the firefight between the shooter and the police where it's likely that the shooter got fatally shot (due to video quality it's hard to verify)
* The shooter reportedly took an inspiration from a fatal shooting in Berdyansk, russia on December 9th where 14yo Alena(?) shot two of her students, wounded others and then committed suicide, reportedly the shooter wrote this on his telegram prior to the incident. The report is considered low confidence as we can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the shooter owns the telegram account.[3]
* Shooter reportedly speaks Russian. (low confidence, due to lack of proof telegram channel ownership)
* Shooter is not known to be of Ukrainian nationality as claimed by evident troll farms and confirmed by the government.[1]
* Motivation of the shooter remains unknown, psychological disorder currently seems as the most logical explanation, but it's possible that his actions were rational.
* claims that the police was looking for the shooter since morning the day of the incident[4]

1. Police and government press briefing after the shooting
1.1. Information about murders in planovicky lest at 01:21
2. Video that seems to show gun fire exchange between the shooter and police
3. Hospodarske Noviny report on shooter taking inspiration by shooting in russia
4. Reportedly police was looking for the shooter prior to shooting -

They told me that this mix is cashew and cranberries, but it's like 99% cranberries and 1% cashew =_=

* You have a major housing crisis where people can't afford housing and even if they can the houses look worse than shit for the amount spent on them
* Cost of living is so shit that elderly people have to choose to be either evicted or have to suffer in the cold and without food to be able to afford it
* Your gov in their infinite wisdom though that leaving the EU would put them in a better position to do trade with the EU and when that backfired they blamed everyone else for it and were trying to get a trade deal with the US that never go through resulting in increased prices for everyday house items and lack of supply
* Your economy is so fucked up that your gov doesn't have the money to pay essential services resulting in protests and strikes as they don't have the resources to take care off of people
* Your army is so underfunded to the point where your own general states that they would last about 5 days in a real war and none still does anything about it
* Manchester filled with gangs that actively kill people including children
* Your government is so fucking racist that they forcefully deport people to Rwanda despite multiple human rights organizations, EU Court of human rights and even your own supreme court being against it

And i could go on, your country goes from shitshow to a shitshow to a shitshow, there ain't a single thing your country does "good" nor "okay" to the point that the ruling party in scotland turns into a single issue party that just wants to leave the UK and join the EU.

Your "reforms for the EU" were such a bullshit that i can't even comprehend how someone would though it's a good idea and even after writting it down deciding that it's a good idea to even propose it.

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