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@2Russophobic4u Don’t joke with Joe

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Dear ukrainians, welcome to the czech republic! ❤️

TPMOCZ reports 20 000 ukraine arriving to czechia in the last 24h

The WEBSITE was just launched provided as a coordinating portal for ukrainians to find everything they need to feel safe in czechia and for those who offer help such as providing places to stay, hygiene products, transport, etc..

If you have nowhere to stay or need help in general then call +420 974 801 802 and people will help you in your native language.

If you have a ukrainian sim card then you should receive an SMS when you enter czechia with these informations.

The national assistence center has been established and will/is providing hotspots for ukrainians to register across czechia.

Further informations can be found on in ukrainian language.

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Airbus open sourced their new cockpit font. Make it the default for all your embedded projects, because it's REALLY good and has real testing in difficult environments!

Why do i even bother with this shit?

On top of that I have to pay a significant sum of money for each of the contribution only to be treated like shit and having to rewrite my code into disfunctional trash.

Figured out the hard-way that `es-US.utf8` is not the same thing as `en-US.utf8`

omg why is everything.. EVERYTHING!!! IN SPANISH?!

PomPomPurin, former owner of the former largest english speaking black hat forum on the internet (BreachForum) who hacked the fucking FBI doesn't know how to set up a full disk encryption to not have child porn released and is using a Dell Inspiron 15 5593?

That sounds like lot of bullshit to me, he probably has like millions in BTC alone to use crappy and very insecure in-nature 300 USD laptop?

There is just no fucking way

Image presented as car of a russian family hit by Ukrainian Storm Shadow Missile during a strike on Changar Bridge is likely staged - OSINT 

This image was presented as a car of a russian family that got hit by Ukrainian Storm Shadow missile during the strike on Chongar Bridge (

Considering that:

1. There are indentations in the car's body that doesn't seem to have enough force to penetrate the body judging by the intact windows which are made out of tempered glass that would shatter if stressed in a small area.

1.1. Notice that the damage is not observed on the back door.

2. The blinker light is for some reason pulled out -> I can't think of any rational way that impact from Ukrainian Storm Shadow would be able to do this.

3. There is a plastic piece missing on the driver's side that was either already present before alleged explosion or ripped out for dramatization

4. The brake rotor is rusty indicating that the car wasn't driven for some time (when braking the brake pads apply friction to the disc to stop the car so these would usually look very polished) - Credit:

5. The tires are deflated without any visible damage from the alleged side of the explosion

5.1. Additionally the back wheel seems like someone kicked it


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📽️Footage of Ukrainian unmanned surface drone targeting Russian landing ship Project 755 Olenegorsky Gornyak last night. #UkraineRussiaWar

Created a new project to work on standardizing SOM connection to make OSHW projects more economical and functional

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Show your support #ForTheAnimals by signing the 1 Million For Animals pledge! Head to and you can find the pledge at the bottom of the page, but feel free to check out all of the other links and information provided as well.

Whether you're a seasoned #vegan looking for some #activism tips/training, or someone interested in making a positive change in your life, they've got you covered at

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We have to keep one eye always on Trump and help stop the spread of his misinformation.

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RT @CopernicusEMS: #DYK about our European Flood Awareness System❓

#EFAS provides a seasonal outlook of river flows over Europe with a 2⃣-month horizon

⬇️According to this forecast, a lower-than-average river flow is expected in 🇮🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷🇧🇪🇳🇱🇩🇪🇨🇿🇩🇰🇸🇪🇵🇱🇱🇹🇱🇻

More at👇


Silvio Berlusconi died.. Whoooo 🎉

i fucking hated the guy, evident pedo (lot of evidence to him paying for sex with underaged and trafficking them, acquitted by his gov) and putin sucker.

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S kolegy z EP chceme, aby po celé Evropské unii platila pro stejné skupiny vozidel stejná označení. Nyní se totiž kategorie liší. Návrh čeká na posouzení Evropské komise, která se k němu staví kladně. @kducsl


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🇪🇺Today, on #WED2023, we w/@mindovkillya once again draw attention to the environmental damage caused by 🇷🇺 illegal war against Ukraine.

The EU stands with 🇺🇦 and works together to heal the environmental wounds of war 🌱🌳

The aggressor must be held accountable for its deeds.


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