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Dear ukrainians, welcome to the czech republic! ❤️

TPMOCZ reports 20 000 ukraine arriving to czechia in the last 24h

The WEBSITE was just launched provided as a coordinating portal for ukrainians to find everything they need to feel safe in czechia and for those who offer help such as providing places to stay, hygiene products, transport, etc..

If you have nowhere to stay or need help in general then call +420 974 801 802 and people will help you in your native language.

If you have a ukrainian sim card then you should receive an SMS when you enter czechia with these informations.

The national assistence center has been established and will/is providing hotspots for ukrainians to register across czechia.

Further informations can be found on in ukrainian language.

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I am ending maintenance of all my already published open-source projects and contributions until I finish the work on sufficient management solution.

The projected solution is expected to have test-driven Quality Assurance ("QA") meaning that anyone can merge as long as their contribution passes tests with both rolling (may contain malware, sandboxed bootstrapping for testing is projected to be provided for all repos) and release-based cycle (malware-free and stricter QA).

I may publish more projects during this period, but i won't be responding to issues and merge requests as much.

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RT @azureScapegoat
I've only been to the US a couple of times but this is my perception of what it's like to live there. Is this accurate?

RT @visegrad24
The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, went to Ukraine for an unannounced visit today.

Before meeting Zelensky, she visited Irpin, Borodyanka and Bucha, all sites of Russian war crimes.

Sandu is Moldova’s first pro-Western president and a staunch ally of Ukraine.


RT @igorsushko
BREAKING: Turkey agrees to allow Finland & Sweden to become NATO members. ✊

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@Slezsky_Drak @MiroslavKemel Byla jednou jedna červena karkulka co měla za úkol hospodařit s vládnim rozpočtem, Karkulka je ale blbá kráva a místo toho se rozhodla být instagramovou modelkou a zadlužit stát píčovinama za 1 000 000 000 CZK co způsobilo státu velkou inflaci.

Kéž by to byla pohádka.. :(

RT @lxglb
The moment this generation replaces current Gen-X domination, EU gotta act up. The window of time is tiny, our generation is much smaller, we have a broken system. If we are not helped, all hope will be lost.

But while there is hope, FUCK Z SYMBOL SUCK MY BALLS PUTIN.

RT @lxglb
Fuck anyone who is trying to prevent young Russians fight the demons of their nation. You don't want violence to be over. You just want it to turn another way.

RT @lxglb
Kremenchug bombing is a despicable war crime, it could not be accidental, and everyone involved belong to a lamp pole. Do not believe anyone who says otherwise.

And yes. Russian fascists are making fakes and jokes of that. I'm sorry for that.

RT @EmmanuelMacron
Le bombardement d’un centre commercial à Krementchouk par la Russie est une horreur absolue. Nous partageons la douleur des familles des victimes. Et la colère devant une telle ignominie. Le peuple russe doit voir la vérité :

RT @CT24zive
Ukrajinský prezident označil ruský útok na obchodní centrum v Kremenčuku za teroristický čin. V budově podle něj byla asi tisícovka lidí. Nejméně šestnáct z nich zemřelo. Zásah vyvolal silný požár, který zničil celou budovu >>

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.@berlin_bridge explaining that Putin is counting on a weak Western response to his invasion of Ukraine and that the only thing that will stop Russia is a program of massive weapons shipments to Ukraine.

Long-range artillery, western tanks, you name it…

RT @LinkeviciusL
Russian missiles directed at shopping center in Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk killed at least 16 people. A reminder to those who are still hesitate to call a terrorist state.

RT @visegrad24
President Zelensky says that the Russian missile strike on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk, killing 12, has made it clear that Russia is a terrorist state.

RT @visegrad24
Big news delivered by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg today ahead of the Madrid summit!

- NATO will increase the number of high readiness forces from 40,000 to 300,000.

- NATO will increase its forces stationed on the eastern flank from battalions to brigades.

RT @kreyren
@visegrad24 > Baykar will provide Ukraine with 3 TB2 drones free of charge, and asking to spend money gathered by Ukrainian people for other needs

RT @TpyxaNews
In the event of a strike from Transnistria on Ukraine, people in Transnistria should know: for us it will not be a blow, but a slap, and we will respond with a blow, - Zelenskyy

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