@freemo It kinda started worrying me to think of the probability of another failure.

@Absinthe you are right. it's actually lapis lazuli that "French Ultramarine" imitates. I was wrong...

@Absinthe that's interesting to know. all I know is we apply "French ultramarine" to a lot of oil paintings. It's a kind of transparent blue color which is necessary for normal paintings. I guess the color is made from chemicals that imitate the color of the gem. (for carbonated beverages, I don't particularly like them. sorry I know. Just plain water, coffee and tea.)

I like the simple domain name "qoto.org", and the meaning behind it.

@Absinthe Almost... Qunqing群青 is sometime for experts/artists, or more like written language. In my case it's 海蓝 or "sea blue" literally

@Absinthe Oh hi! that's amazing. My Chinese name has the meaning of the color of ultramarine.

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