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Leftists accuse responsible parents of wanting to "ban books" and then lie or hide which books are being scrutinized. An interesting tactic would be a mock-breathless "they want to ban these books!" campaign that shows the real books that are being identified as problems.
Imagine going to a place where Leftists are protesting responsible parents and setting up a booth nearby that presents the real books parents are rightly upset about. What would happen? It certainly puts the Leftists in a decision dilemma: let people see the truth or flip out.
Even a more honest statement or booth, "yes, we want to ban schools and libraries from giving these books to kids" or "see what books we're banning," would be a fascinating experiment of the same kind.
Leftist activism almost always proceeds with the support of a mystified public that is so mystified by deliberately blurring or hiding the full context. It's almost always successfully combatted by restoring clarity and exposing the manipulation of understanding.

@JayLittle @linuxiac still it’s a big shift from being another Ubuntu spin.

@vwbusguy I use it because I don’t like to open ssh service to the world (even on non standard ports). So to ssh to my servers I have to pass through the proxy.

@vwbusguy Have you tried shadowsocks? it become my main tool to setup proxy servers.

@vwbusguy I have adsl line, connection drops at random, I find it extremely frustrating when it happens and I am in the middle of an upgrade.

You mentioned:

SOCKS Proxy via Firefox
What’s that?

@vwbusguy did you use tmux in case the connection drops?

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There is a need for systems even more energy efficient then heat pumps, the electricity bill hurts when you start using them on cold months.
But they are better then fuel furnace heating.


A lifespan of a car is around 10 to 20, an e-bike is around 2 to 5 years max.
Will e-bikes create more pollution?
Tires pollution and toxic batteries materials, etc.



@empiricism Any meaningful impact to tackle climate change won’t come from big gov, politician main job is to get reelected and to funnel tax money to their backers though shady big gov contracts (some are under the marketing term of Climate Change™)

If you’re passionate of the issue of wood burning, then you should study and come up with better efficient cost effective heating system.

That’s how we transform the negative aspects of our impact on the planet to positive ones.

Most of modern amenities
didn’t exist 50 years ago, through innovation, technology and mass scale production those amenities become part of our normal daily life.

@empiricism I don’t know how old are you, but some “adults” have no money to switch heating system nor to pay the monthly bills for electricity or gas. It’s no a matter “evidence” but economic reality.

The online definition of Toxic positivity”

is the belief that people should maintain a positive mindset no matter how dire or difficult a situation is, rejecting all difficult emotions in favor of a cheerful and often falsely-positive façade.

To stop toxic positivity, clarify what you want from your conversation partner.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘Toxic positivity’ in the context of this discussion, I was maybe wrongly assuming it was wishful thinking.


The is no ‘toxic positivity’, the future is bright and full of abundance for the people that love the planet, love humanity, love innovation and technology.

There are toxic minded people that are in fear, hate humanity and want to live in a state of scarcity.

But the real danger is big gov fascism trying to micro manage daily individuals activity for the sake of “reducing harmful activity”.

@johnabs @freemo @bii

I really like your take on this subject, it's well written out and to the point.


It’s not all doom and gloom, we have to keep a positive outlook on the future and make individual positive changes that reduce our impact on the planet and be wary of big gov fascist control solutions for climate change.

@users toots per day metric is very strange, seems like non organic activity to me.


You said tattoos and scarification was not considered immoral

Where did I mentioned that? It is self-harm therefore it’s immoral, I posted research study that mentioned the harm of tattooing on the immune system.

The scientists report strong evidence for both migration and long-term deposition of toxic elements and tattoo pigments, as well as for conformational alterations of biomolecules that are sometimes linked to cutaneous inflammation and other adversities upon tattooing.

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Destructive behaviors beget bad results, if only that everyone looks like a graffiti wall.

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