@freemo I see a lot of users complain about the lack of quote toot feature but it’s working just fine @ Why didn’t this option become standard in other instances?

Rich Felker  
That's what the Mastodon issue tracker item I'm supporting, https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/issues/20673, is all about: making quoting opt-in,...

I see a lot of hate on the toward Elon Musk.

That hate won’t resolve any problems and leads to dangerous outcomes.

Here we are seeing how an inflammatory rhetoric leads to crazy criminals acting on that crazy endangering the life of an innocent child.


What I like the most about the is the randomness in the
social interactions among the people from different instances and the diverse niche content you find.

I don’t know, but I see how your bookmarklet script can be useful.
He might be interested to look into it @freemo

Kerim Friedman 傅可恩  
@voidabyss You'll have to ask your system admin. I see your server is running Mastodon v3.2.1, while mine is running version 4, that might be part ...

@freemo is there a way to increase general font size in interface? thanks!

Can someone tell me what’s difference between Favourite domains and Domain subscribes
in the Preferences menu?

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