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Brother Nathanael is a converted Jew, now Orthodox monk.

#war #russia #ukraine

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While it’s nice to see the NY Times finally admit masks are worthless, it’s false to say the mandates “did nothing.” They harmed kids, eroded public trust, and psychologically damaged millions of people to the point where they’re still afraid to breathe in public.
The best line in the piece: "'Do something' is not science, and it shouldn't have been public policy."

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As someone living in socialized healthcare, and who has lived with socialized healthcare in about a dozen countries, just a reminder:

Socialized Healthcare is a broken and backwards system

inb4: No I am not promoting the american healthcare system. It may fix or address the parts that are broken in socialized healthcare, but it has its own problems… There are solutions (though no one talks about it) that doesnt resemble either of these failed systems.

Problems I have repeatidly faced both here and in other socialized health care countries:

  • Abusive wait times leading to unnecessary suffering and in my case surgery that wouldnt have been needed if I had prompter care.

  • Lack of access to many prescriptions - (I have had at least a dozen medicines I couldnt get because the cost would be too much of a burden to a socialized system).

  • Monopolies making unfair and abusive rules to line their pockets at the expense of patients (A good example of this is melatonin being a prescription in Israel due to a pharmecutical monopoly).

  • Lack of privacy / anonymity - Since everything is registered through centralized systems (usually) there is no way for you to hide or keep private your medical records. In the USA I would pay cash for prescriptions I dont want on record, not really an option in socialized systems.

Hello, @martin

First, the podcast app Podfriend looks awesome and I love all the features of podcast 2.0 chapters, transcript etc.
One issue, I can’t find how to disable auto play?

Thank you for your help and for developing this great app!

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Media Blackout as U.S. Chemical Disaster Rages On: Animals and Fish Dying

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It's only terrorism if it is broadcasted on the news channel otherwise don't even mention it
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Une annonce à vous faire !

Je lance "" ma newsletter pour raconter le parcours de celles et ceux qui luttent pour faire leur place.
Des mois que je réfléchis à prolonger mon travail avec #ParcoursDeCombattants, mon émission sur
France Inter. C'est chose faite avec ce projet qui me tient très à coeur. "Combattant.e.s" sera un mélange d'espérance et de colère, de rage et de résistance. Comme le monde qui nous entoure !

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PSM (Propaganda Stream Media) says they can't report on it because it comes from an anonymous source. How ridiculous, when has that ever stopped them before?

#war #russia #ukraine #NordStream

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Hey Guys! It's time to propagate the message of No Agenda Show #1529 with @adam and @Johncdvorak and claim your credits on your professional network.

Here's a handy, ready to go post on LinkedIn, so you can link to the proper episode:

Make sure to like and share the post to BOOST the signal and make the post popup on others timeline. Mention people in the comments if you want their direct attention. LE BOOST!

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If you have only been reading the mainstream media, you would not have heard about what just happened in Stockholm this weekend.

There was a massive conference in Sweden with top doctors from around the world giving lectures on the dangers and failures of the mRNA vaccines.

Doctors including Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Urso and many more held fantastic speeches exposing the truth about the vaccines.

And the conference hall was completely packed with about 1000 people in attendance. It was a massive conference.

#DiedSuddenly #VaccineInjury #VaccineDeath #MillionsDied #MillionsWillDie #StopTheShots #GeneTherapy #ExcessMortality #PopulationReduction #VaxCollapse #VaxRegret

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We made it!

With our official launch, developers and designers have never been closer!

What do you think of the latest features? Have you tried them yet?

Let us know!


#opensource #design #developers #prototype

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