@heikkiket haha. Took me a second. I am not a Python pro, but know you have to include that for print in C

@worldsendless @heikkiket

Fun. It is a really common language for engineers now.

Python namespaces by default. So you would see where exactly from example code you would need a library. It is also massive, and goes by inmplementation-as-lang-standard. So everything common is part of the core language.

@jmw150 @heikkiket wow. Coming from clojure, which goes to pains to keep the core tight, I fail to see the advantages of "implementation-as-lang"

@worldsendless @heikkiket

Yeah, different kind of lisp. Doesn't tell you how to live, but cares about its surface level appearance a lot.

A real language standard would reveal all of the warts underneath. Python only looks like a simple language. The community goes through pains to keep the interface simple. It is one of the reasons Python has the number 1 spot.

The other reason is the C/C++ interface allows actual work to get done underneath. So unlike closure, computational scientists and old fashioned engineers are never really told no.

Pip also allows macros, or other languages like hylang and pytov. The AST is really easy to get at.

@jmw150 @heikkiket agreed; smooth interface can hide a multitude of blemishes . I appreciate Clojure's emphasis on pragmatism , with which it solves the Lisp curse by ready interoperability with hosts JVM and JS ecosystems . I'll have to look in to how pytov works to that end.

One of the perpetual benefit claims of lisps is that, sometimes called "syntaxless languages", the AST is almost the same as the regular language (hence the power of the lisp macro systems)

@worldsendless @heikkiket

Hylang would be a more solid example, since it is a literal lisp that does just that.


@worldsendless @heikkiket

I had to go through a stack of resumes the other day for a computer engineering position that was looking for graduate degree holders. Just about everybody had C/C++ and Matlab, of course. But I was surprised to see a lot of Python. Felt like about half of them.

I am guessing it was mostly from tensorflow and scipy related research and projects though. Basically no one had it from web development experience. :blobshrug:

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