The second part of my two-part series on the importance of Thorium in global energy scenario. .. and particularly its importance for India

D I G I T A L I C S - scholarly journal that works at the intersection of management and technology - Call for Papers

@freemo do you think we could have the option of slowing down the federated time line so that stuff does not just whizz past ... they have it in some of the other instances ... just asking

I think it is high time to get rid of our extremely irrational fear of nuclear power. The world has moved beyond Chernobyl ...

If Google & Facebook can control effectively control the flow of information across the globe, what would happen when IOT controlled robots get to control all physical devices on the planet? Check out my article

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This is a great article about Brain Computer Interface by a distinctly Right of Center Indian Magazine.

Check out my Chronotantra -- set across a dystopian future in India and on Mars

is there a recommendation engine that could suggest which handles to follow? or is there a pool of handles grouped by themes that i could look at

The theory that quantum bits of information are the fundamental building blocks of the world is a modern echo of Advaita Vedanta. read the full article at

As a fan of Second Life and an MMORPG enthusiast, i had articulated the need and inevitability of interoperable 'worlds'. The Mastodon 'Fediverse' is a very welcome step in this direction.

I like the concept of a 'fediverse' .. federated universe

Now installed the Musky fediverse client on by Android phone

The real importance of mastodon is that unlike a centralised corporate like Facebook or Twitter there is no one organisation that controls what you see ( OR not see) ... but once the number of users go up, i wonder what algorithm will be used to determine what shows up on my timeline. Question is does each instance sets its own algorithm? That will be the key differentiator between mastodon and the others ..

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