Now installed the Musky fediverse client on by Android phone

@yantrajaal Awesome, Yantrajal. I remembered I mention to someone (probably you) that Tusky is the original, and Musky a fork or derivative (due to 'censorship' as per a note I read).

Found out the meaning of that -- it's that Musky does not block, a domain that Tusky does not support connections to.

I am just trying out a new client too, Whalebird for Windows, and it's quite nice. Very customizable.

**Warning, very wide image. **

@design_RG @yantrajaal That was me. :awesome_rotate:

Gab gathered many controversies too no? I remember reading in many outlets it became the hub of Xenophobic Racist RWs.

@shibaprasad @yantrajaal Ah, I see. 😄

I have been visiting and looking at various places, reading what people say about the other instances and did visit the Gab site. Saw some posts that I find shocking, and many mentions of instances blocking their instances (there's more than one, some of different domain names that are affiliated)

I found a blacklist that some sites are using at this page:

@shibaprasad @yantrajaal @design_RG Yep. It has a lot of racists and neo-Nazis cuz The support free speech and that's who the mainstream platforms censor.

The media smears them unfairly tho...they don't criticize FaceBook and Twitter when their users post similar content 🤷🏾‍♂️

Honestly it's the #GabFam (and users who don't join @gab to combat the racists) who * should * get the blame for Gab being overrun with racists.

@realcaseyrollins @gab @shibaprasad @yantrajaal Twitter has a bad reputation for problems with abusive posting, and not reacting to protect users when it happens. Facebook declined to check content of any political ads, justifying with the "free speech" story.

American corporations even won the right to use "free speech" protection to be able to make donations to politicians, which leads to quid pro quo later of course. 😏

I think it's good if they are apart from other instances which have very different interpretations of what respect for others means, and don't apply the blanket coverage of an American law instrument to communities that extend all over the world.

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