Are you Pakistani? Are you a terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school

Stereotypes about the Muslim community have entered into classrooms and playgrounds, seeping in from the polarising rhetoric prevailing in the larger world of politics, society, mass media and social media

Magazine | Pakistani or terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school:

High time Parents and others become more aware of these kind of incidents. Let alone disturbing the harmony, it slowly plants a poisonous seed among the children. We should be better than this.

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@shibaprasad Extra-territorial loyalties need to be guarded against ... if you are not with us, you are probably against us and we need to take guard ..

I couldn't get what you meant by guarded against Sir. Could you elaborate a bit.

@shibaprasad Prithviraj Chauhan let down his guard and acted generously towards Mohd of Ghor ... and you know what happened next

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