I have seen several posts from people how to run their own instances. I don't know much about this directly but I would guess a basic / advanced knowledge of the GNU / Linux command like is probably up there among the skills needed.

So to this end, I am sharing the link below to my own blog , where I have linked to a series of you tube videos on the Linux BASH interface, there are addition parts of this series which I put together as I was asked about cyber security at the code club I rub, so collected some videos that help build up some pre- requisite skills.

It would be great if we could have series such as this native on peertube, in the meantime we can either use Youtube directly or via a front end e.g invideous


Perhaps we can work on a better list to help people with the skills needed for hosting / running Mastodon instances

Remember protecting your privacy!


You're free to share it!

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