I have rebuilt my car that I made for the STEM group. Seems to be better now it is glued together, also put switches on either side. Wiring is a bit tight, but that is something I will take forward and apply to future projects.



Tessier Gardens, Torquay, Photo showing flowerbeds and pathways.

Tessier Gardens, Torquay


"Tessier Gardens are a small and delightful park situated between Babbacombe and St. Marychurch. In 1933 the gardens were gifted to the town by Mrs H A Tessier. A 'Sun temple' was constructed later the same year in recognition of Mrs Tessier's generosity. A scented garden for the blind was designed and planted in 1975 with the botanical names of the plants etched in Braille on copper plates.
In accordance with the covenants bestowed upon the council in 1933, children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the gardens.

Bygones Torquay

Bygones is a must-see attraction for visitors to St Marychurch and Torquay. Walk freely through a wide variety of interactive displays and over 2000 genuine artifacts from yesteryear!


Keyboard Cleaning Gel

I bought some keyboard cleaning gel from Poundland earlier, Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this, does it work any takeaways from using that can be shared please.


I am using vokoscreen-ng to take screen videos. (don't know correctt term sorry)

In the settings the key to start is to press STRG and another key Any idea what this means please.

Which key is STRG ?

Further to this, people may want to use Asunder cd ripping software instead, it WORKS

I am using Linuxmint 21.2.


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Does anyone know where I can find a working cddb please.

I installed ripperX on mint 21.2. the daa base that comes with it doesn't seem to connect, but neither does


with the error below

It would be nice to find something that actually works

Other picture shows my configuration screen

Thanks for any help

Photo of a bench, Taken in black and white. Hopefully adds to the effect rather than in it being in color. Bottle on bench is not mine but also adds more to the picture.

Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway

Photo showing steam train carriages to the left, rails, platform on the right along with water tower etc with the station.

Taken in black and white. This is looking down the tracks, direction of movement towards Churston, then Kingswear.


Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway

Photo of an oil can and container on the side step of a steam train.


Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway

Photo of the driver area of the steam train. I took both color and black and white but the colour photo to me is better as it shows items up better, especially the hat.

Can someone give me the correct name for this part of the train please,


Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway
Coal loader

Photo of the steam train coal loader. Black and white


Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway

Photos of the coal used to fuel the steam train. I took this as the train was further forward so this was fully visible.
Took colour and black and white photo.


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