Just tried and failed to login to Replit., I get the captcha below, which I can't click on

I am getting SICK TO DEATH of all this crap just to get in to a website.


Torbay Trojans
American Football Rookie Camp Week 1

Tackle practice using a Doughnut tackle bag.

I wonder if this is legal in the UK

If looking for work in the UK a job offer is generally required before a visa can be issued, the language here seems to suggest don't bother unless you can work in the UK.

This is from the senploy website they are an employment agency or help to find work from other agencies, I am not too sure.,


What happens if they block an IP address that is say from a library or another place where there is public internet access, they may forget to tick that box, so their IP would be blocked but so would it be blocked for anyone.

Looking at a local recruitment agency they ask where did I hear about them the choices are as follows

Seems they need to update their list as it is now 2023, Facebook is for elderly people anyway, Twitter does not exist, no one uses Yahoo (I thought that went the way of the dodo over a decade ago) Goggle is spyware and Bing is microsoft garbage.

Oh well, maybe they will join fedi one day.

American football – Torbay Trojans Training 20/8/2023


Date: Sunday 20th August 2023.
Time: 10:00 to 13:00
Location: Foxhole Field, Foxhole, Paignton


Circus Extreme
Paignton 2023

This is just the a photo of the big circus tent.

American football – Torbay Trojans Training 13/8/2023


Date: Sunday 13th August 2023.
Time: 10:00 to 13:00
Location: Foxhole Field, Foxhole, Paignton

Crossways shopping centre demolition

The old Crossways shopping centre in Paignton, Devon is being demolished to make way for new flats and perhaps some commercial lettings. Photo shows view from Hyde Road end.

, . ,

DNA Base molecules

So been building various molecules and have now got round to taking photos of these. They should have Hydrogens attached but I am just building as per diagram I have here. I have made a post on my blog with these photos too. .

Torbay Trojans American Football

Drill set up at Torbay Trojans,

Pads and players at the Torbay Trojans.

Torbay Trojans American Football

Changing rooms at Torbay Trojans,

Torbay Trojans
Next week is a social event for the team (6th August). Team will be back at foxhole for training on :

Date: Sunday 13th August 2023.
Time: 10:00 to 13:00
Location: Foxhole Field, Foxhole, Paignton


# Devon

Firstly, sorry for the lack of detailed ALT text. I just want to ask a quick question on this.

I am building the DNA base molecules with Molymods model kit.

Looking at Cytozine, where there is a C = C bond, it leaves a carbon bond empty on my model, does this suggest I should but Hydrogen in that location? Even though Hydrogen is not explicily shown on the diagram(s)?

A few weeks ago I put some pure Sodium Chloride in a beaker with de-ionised water to dissolve, then pured in to a small glass bowl and lkeft it to evaporate.

All the water has now gone, so I examined the resulting crystals under my USB Microscope.

I think they turned out OK, well some did.

Torbay Trojans American Football

More photos from Training, running routes to receive the ball

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