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Someone from the US has quoted this on the dailyfail website forum,

Drastic budget cuts for FOSS, by the EU, and the explanation given is that "because lots of budget are allocated to AI, there is not much left for Internet infrastructure". theregister.com/2024/07/17/fos So here is one more way that the fever over "AI" bullshit does real harm. Infra projects that protect security, privacy, and other vital needs will be underfunded so that more money can be thrown into the "AI" black hole. Sigh.

I am not sure, but your question reminds me of the days of the ZX spectrum* and loading progrrams from tape and stories of people having to adjust the tape head to get the tape to load properly as recording on one computer on to tape didn't mean it would just work on another spectrum and tape deck.

* ZX spectrum and other computers at the time that used cassette tapes to store / retrieve data

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I think we see a wider picture here, one we are not too bothered if people don't show up on a regular basis and post, people are not obsessed sharing every aspect of their lives and following people that do . When an instance goes down or we can't access it (it happens, sometimes planned other times unplanned) we just ssem to carry on with our lives till it is fixed.

So we are probably more resiliant and able to see that wider picture of what happens when IT goes mega wrong like with cloudstrike, I wonder how many Mastodon users carry cash just in case.

Not sure if we would be better off without tech, I think we see a picture in a world obsessed with AI and its so called potential, we here, pick up on how bad AI is in terms of what it puts out at times and question is AI as good as the propoganda claims.

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Great point, there is still a lot to be done in even a short space of time, perhaps on Tuesday he can tell netanyahu to change tactics for a start

Anti-Democracy Anti-Intellectual Anti-Science Anti-Woman Anti-Family Anti-DEI Anti-Labor Anti-LGBTQ

JD Vance Is Actually Much Worse Than You Realize | Sarah Jones | TMR
#BlackMastodon #LGBTQ #Project2025 #MAGA

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I was thinking more in terms of where wind / solar arrays will go. Here in the Uk you would need planning permission and permissionj from the land owner, I get the impression in china if the goverment decide to do X it just does it, so in this case find land put solar panels on.

This in some cases can have an impact, I think there is evidence that livestock (e.g sheep) can live / graze side by side with solar farms, and in fact they keep the grass trimmed while doing so.

It is however really encouraging they are makingj prpgress here with moving to renewables.

I’m not an American, but my advice to American progressives is simply this:

Now’s your chance. If you don’t help elect the first African American woman to the Presidency, you’re full of shit.

That woman is your only chance to save American democracy, so you better get behind her.


His running mate JD Vance is a bigger jerk, esp after his comments about the UK being an Islamist state.

As capt mainwaring would say "You stupid, boy".

While I will continue to say that Biden has been one of the best presidents in my lifetime (in many ways surpassing Obama) I think Harris will be a magnificent president.

And my guess is that Pete Buttigieg will be her VP pick. If not him then I hope not someone who does not put house or senate races or a key governorship in play.

As a white Jewish man married to an Indian American woman representation matters. Seeing my family mirrored in the White House is incredible

@zleap @kegill in a short time frame there might be more damage to the environment, but in a long time frame there will be no more damage trought mining and burning oil/gas/coal. A win in the long run.


Good question, Assuming the Dems win in November, I think some of the protocols need to be addressed.There seems to be a plan for if a president dies, if the VP dies (speaker takes over) not sure what happens after that. but little in the way of protocol for this situation, probably needs all 50 states to work out what should happen if a candidate can't carry on or steps down etc. So in future years any confusion or chaos can be avoided as much as possible, this would be in the interest of the USA and hte world too.

It usually takes something to happen before people think about what should happen in these situations.

It's heartbreaking, but so many "important" Dems have been pushing so hard, they were shattering the party, giving TFG a big boost. I just hope Biden pushes VERY hard to get important stuff accomplished in the next few months. This is sad.


If the US was signed up to the ICC which I dont think it is, so in theory it is a safe country for Netenyahu certainly.

I am not a legal expert, on this. If Netanyahu was to visit another country he could indeed be arrested, maybe Russia and a few other countries is an exception to that.


I think this happening is pretty unpresidented, accordig to the BBC there could be legal issues as some states (I guess state election laws) demand candidates are chosen at different times, early or late I think. So I can't answer your question. but perhaps someone can help.

Can anyone point to someone who was smart and actually laid out a potential plan for what could or should be done if he actually stepped down?

Please tell me smart people actually laid out plans for this. Because it sure doesn’t look or feel like we have one.

President Biden was the best president of our lifetime and the work he and the Biden-Harris administration got done has improved the lives of all Americans. Vice President Harris has been an exceptional Vice President and she is going to win. All aboard, let’s go.

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