This is really quite something... #Antarctic sea ice extent is back to a record low for the current date. This is actually below 2016, which was previously a massive outlier in November and December.

More sea ice graphs at:


Can we subject HR professionals to Performance Evaluation Process? Perhaps employees can do this.

@fkamiah17 Facism has arrived! We were dismissed as scaremongers when we pointed to the signs the Tories were moving in this direction. The law is now whatever the UK Parliament says it is

Credit scoring firms face curbs after landmark EU data protection ruling

Credit scoring companies operating in the European Union could be facing tighter curbs under the bloc’s privacy laws following a ruling issued by the Court of Justice (CJEU) today. The referral relates to complaints brought against the practices of a German credit scoring company, called Schufa, but could have wider significance for... #press

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The quality here is far better, but quality wins over quantity in many cases anyway.

Yeah, very much this.

I do find it cool that Fedi doesn't even require constant content generation, unlike most platforms that use weighted algorithms.

This works for me, because I go through flurries and dips in posting and finally no longer have to feel that I'm using the platform wrong.

I just follow many many cool people who post shiny things, some people follow me for (presumably) similar reasons, I post sometimes, reply sometimes and somehow it all works out without anyone bring de-prioritised for inactivity.



What does it say at the botton?

Good ???

I can't make out the typeface very well

Bonus video: A 360° video tour of the 70-meter deep space communications antenna at Goldstone in California, used in the Deep Space Network.

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@rolle so many folks seem to have forgotten that the key part in social media is the bit where it's social. They all want to act like internet celebrities and quit as soon as they aren't showered with attention.

@rolle fairly certain that a person with enough followers, on any social network, could post "Have a nice weekend, everyone" and get blocked by at least one person for trying to dictate how they live their life.

When do we actually say enough is enough? We've become so passive at just the wrong point in history. Our critical faculties have been dulled by instant gratification. We must fight back or there will be nothing left to fight for.


CRISPR screens in 3D tumourspheres identified miR-4787-3p as a transcriptional start site miRNA essential for breast tumour-initiating cell growth


Someone should respond with those million to one (odds) of planes taking off are far better than the chance of the Tories winning the next election.

Following the publication of the U.K. government's emergency legislation to deport refugees to Rwanda Sunder Katwala, Director of British Futures think tank, has retracted his former statement.

He says he was wrong to state that there was a million to one chance of planes taking off to Rwanda in the spring, as the government promised. He now says there isn't even a million to one chance of planes taking odd to Rwanda in the spring.


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@zleap @fkamiah17
Some kind of media reports are certainly a problem, but the classification if someone is a trafficker is also done by politicians, governments and courts, and this is the real issue.


But isreal has the right to defend itself, this rhetoric will carry on until enough people say enough is enough without the fear of being called antisemitic. Until then the suffering will continue.


I will have a look later, but we are moving very fast with this.

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