::: Scarlett Gately Moore - a long time contributor to open source is looking for a job :linux:

She writes:

"As many of you know, I am seeking employment. I am a hard worker, that thrives on learning new things.

I am a self starter, knowledge sponge, and eager to be an asset to < insert your company here > !"

Are you possibly in an IT position in need and could hire her? Please, at least BOOST & relay this message forward 🙏

=> planet.kde.org/scarlett-gately

#KDE #jobs #IT #developer #seeking #employment #Ruby #Python #Snap #Linux #Debian #MyCroft #Plasma #jobs #ScarlettGatelyMoore #OpenSource #work


I can sort of understand making god genderless and refer to god as just god, rather than He, we don't know if god even has a gender. Religion seems to exist to make one group of people more powerful over another, so to fit that idea, make god a man so they can make sure men maintain that power.

One good reason I don't follow religion.


I hope that by the time of the next election people in the US will have woken up and don't vote these people back in


A bit of digging here, the former two are black players, and the latter two are white players.

So it seems a purely racial decision,

In which case the only word that I can think of here is



I don't know much about baseball, i do know Hank Aaron beat the home run record set by Babe Ruth

Am I missing something ?

man can you imagine the storage requirements for version control for holonovels


Just posted this to my blog to help with reach, so will be published on the 17th, as I have lots of posts scheduled and try not to make more than one a day. It does happen but I think that is best avoided as not to annoy people.

@zleap unsure. I read of someone who created an account, followed 20 users and then wrote a piece on how empty it felt. There’s a lot of positive reporting too, but there’s been a streak of negative articles last week which felt like a lot of journalists were simply jumping on a bandwagon to shit on it, to be quite honest.


America is descending quickly in to total chaos.

WARNING: When 20-something techs from silicon valley tell you they understand the future of the fediverse… block them.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is looking for help from Citizen Scientists in the continuing search for Exo-planets, planets beyond our Solar System. Whether you have your own telescope, or want to use a computer or smart-phone, you can help
exoplanets.nasa.gov/exoplanet- #NASA #science


How many of those reporting have been here for a significant amount of time?

The recent reporting on #Mastodon being empty by people who barely even tried to follow any people is disingenuous. I have a *way* more lively feed here on Mastodon, while following less than a half of the people I follow on #Twitter.

@atomicpoet @analytodon

I don't feel the need for this sort of thing I am capable of tracking interactions manually.

So is this something that has to be installed on an instance by instance basis, in which case those instances MUST make it clear this is installed (cue cookie banner) so people can choose another instance if they don't want tracking.

@edri @openrightsgroup

This bill started out fine, but is beginning to get more draconian, if they don't provide safeguards for smaller players then as instance owners, we could be held responsible for any content.

🇬🇧 Users in the UK will no longer be able to share or see images of migrants crossing the Channel in small boats.
Under a new #OnlineSafetyBill amendment, online platforms will have to proactively remove such content.
Read more from @openrightsgroup: edri.org/our-work/the-uk-will-

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