A few weeks ago I put some pure Sodium Chloride in a beaker with de-ionised water to dissolve, then pured in to a small glass bowl and lkeft it to evaporate.

All the water has now gone, so I examined the resulting crystals under my USB Microscope.

I think they turned out OK, well some did.


I can try with other stuff e.g Copper Sulfate. Salt is nice as it is safe, so kids can repeat the experiment.

@zleap @freemo What does regular salt look like, in comparison?

@freemo @davoloid

Some table salt also contains Sodium Ferrocyanide (anti caking agent). So I ordered some pure Sodium Chloride from a supplier (Better equipped) who I have bought lots of stuff from, beakers, flasks, etc.


Cool, is that as is, or did you need to dissolve then evaporate ?

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