Can I get some feedback on a static website im designing for my new company? Would love to get some feedback on asthetics.

It doesnt have much for content (what is there is mostly just to take up space. But would love an opinion on the logo and the look and feel. Also check out the article "our new home" to get a sense for all the layout features it has so far.

@freemo this is obviously subjective but I really don't like seeing so colors that don't go well together being so close on the ui elements. For example, green, yellow, white and black in "[CleverThis]' and then bluish/red curves right below it. Also, at the bottom of the page the red and green don't go well together. Again, this is just my personal opinion.

@zpartacoos No offese but I am curious if you are color blind. You mentioned the color green when its closer to a light blue or cyan.


@freemo just to make sure we're talking about the same thing. Are you telling me this is actually cyan?

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@zpartacoos yea I'd say so, but in your defense it is close to the line between green and blue if you had to pick one.

@freemo fair enough. I showed it to some else and she first said green and after looking at it more said blue so idk anymore

@zpartacoos its probably right on the link of green and blue, abouthalf of each if i had to guess. So a green-leaning cyan :)

@zpartacoos I'd say its close to one or two of the shades in the bottom left part of that image actually. particularly the ones that lean closer green.

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