It's taken me a while to figure out how to write an . Here goes:

I’d appreciate a boost to help meet like-minded here.

I’m a professor of medicine at McMaster University ,

Clinically, I work as a ()

I’m an associate member of () at

I’m a member of the Centre of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials (, , ) at

My is in (, , ) and

I’m editor-in-chief of (@CanJKHD on the birdsite, not here yet) an kidney journal with :

(, )

(was your hard work rejected by a journal with IF>=4? Submit clean, redline, point-by-point response-to-reviews, and tell us which journal and undertake that you responded to all reviews received)

I’m editor-in-chief of which curates evidence on and

For the pandemic, we need because and .

I’d like to see as the tag to find others with interest in and .

Also trying to be ally, working on , interested in .

Treaty 3|Dish with One Spoon, Turtle Island; Hamilton ON Canada. She/her

Greetings and welcome! At the beginning of the pandemic I taught Rhetoric & Composition at an online university to adult freshmen & nurses earning their RN degrees. After reading countless essays with misinformation, I collected studies to provide scientifically sound data to students. I’m a staunch mask & vaxx advocate. So many people ignore or illogically refute the data. What is the best way to handle that? 😷💙

@thejenniwren @cmclase I think the data are less important than the narrative, and we've allowed uninformed people to control the narrative. In the US the same playbook has been used by #ClimateDeniers - muddy the water with misinformation not to prove a counter factual, but to sow enough doubt that people don't feel compelled to act. So what stories can we tell that promote social responsibility, that resonate with everyone, that teach rather than preach?

@thejenniwren @Brad_Rosenheim

Thank you! Totally admirable teaching around this!

We started the website to put the evidence at people's fingertips, so we could say 'there is evidence, it's summarized here':

Filtration evidence:

Evidence in practice:

But you are right, people continue to summarize all this as 'no evidence'. Public health could help here with ongoing information campaigns but this is not happening widely.

I think persistence and will get us there in the end. We are social animals and it is not normal in many countries to wear a mask. The opportunity to normalize this for everyone was lost early in the pandemic because of academic and public health dissent and disagreement. So now it may be a long haul; as you know, behavioural and social change is hard.

Or maybe we will instead and masks will be less important.

Did you see this paper on game theory? In their models, either everyone or no-one ends up wearing masks (sorry, paywall)

@cmclase @thejenniwren Thank you for the paper, and the optimistic outlook! I will take a look at the paper.

@cmclase @Brad_Rosenheim
Here in the U.S., I don’t know if we can achieve kindness. The right wing extremists don’t respond well to kindness. Or logic. Or facts. Of course, the CDC’s failure to present a strong public stance isn’t helping either. I will definitely read your data and use your site. Thank you for taking the time to reply! 💙

@thejenniwren @Brad_Rosenheim

we will not change fringe opinions but the majority of people in Canada and elsewhere say they support mask mandates if necessary. It requires public health to say it's necessary.

@cmclase @thejenniwren @Brad_Rosenheim

The 'p' in public health stands for politics, most certainly in all the provinces, except Quebec, which has been the only province not to fiddle with the stats.
PHAC and Dr.Tam have Dr.Tara Moriarty, working with her team to bring Canadians the facts! Beta

@Moriartylabs yes yes, l know, but Dr.Tara is staying to deliver the facts!!

@cmclase Well, that got you a follower!

I've been putting #reusable #P100 #elastomeric #respirator tags whenever I talk about #masks because *practically nobody has heard of them* and they are cheap and really good #PPE

@neroden Good point, I agree. They aren't front-and-centre in our writing because the up-front costs and the appearance are barriers. Hoping to normalize mask-wearing for as many as possible

@cmclase Not in medicine, but an academic at university of Manitoba, so welcome!

@cmclase @nancylwayne crikey. My introduction seems terribly meagre and mundane by comparison Thank you for joining us on here and sharing your wisdom.

@auscandoc @nancylwayne I did a lot of lurking and learning before I posted. Maybe a bit over-the-top :) but very much appreciate all the people I've just met.

@cmclase Thanks for the link! BTW, Perhaps this is a matter of discipline, but every journal I've reviewed for has been double-masked. I've always assumed this is the norm.

@noam interestingly in medicine single-masking (anonymized reviewer) is the norm, with the odd high-impact journal using signed reviews.

@mur2501 I have to say it is very civil here! Thanks to all who've boosted and said hello!

Yeah in general mastodon has approachable people compared to birdsite

You sound like some I’d be stupid not to follow!
BTW, I’m still a masker. I know covid isn’t over, not by a long shot!

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