So after a bit of tweaking I finished my AR-15 CQC (Close Quarter Combat). The main issue with the old configuration was the Monstrum 3X had really poor eye-boxing and the color was off.

Changes from the earlier configuration:

* replaced the Monstrum 3x magnifier with a Sig Sauer Juliet3 flip-to-side magnifier

* Added hybrid 3-point sling

* Moved red dot and juliet3 closer to the eye giving it priority over the 45 degree backup irons in terms of placement

* Removed fingershelf from 45 degree fore grip.


πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
My CQC (Close Quarters Combat) AR-15 build is complete! Features I added: * 45 degree angled fore grip * 45 degree angled backup iron sights * Sig...

@freemo No IR box and nods? Black multicam would look sick on it.

It's a good looking rifle, I hope you got the improved follower mags for it too.


@freemo Thank goodness I thought I was blocked for a little while. I'll dig up a link.

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