My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is:

Idea: Large-scale cracking contests as a sport.

You have an attack team and a defense team. There's some kind of system (Web site, application, database, email, whatever) that is the focus of the whole thing.

The defense team gets a few hours to harden the system, then the attack team gets some time to try to break in and achieve one of several objectives. The attackers get more points the more they accomplish (theft > destruction > DoS). The defenders get more points the longer they hold out.

RT @northropgrumman
We have confirmed that our Ultraflex solar arrays are fully deployed on the NG-11 S.S. Roger Chaffee #Cygnus. Next stop: @Space_Station! #NorthropGrumman

*slaps roof of catbus from my neighbor totoro* this khajiit can fit so many children in it if you have coin,

what am i doing what is this toot

*ominously stroking a bunny in their lap* Khajiit have hares if you have coin

Some #ManMeBot stats:

ManMeBot knows about 2732 commands of which he has posted 173 to date on the Fediverse. Lots more to go!

[ ~/code/random-man ]$ wc -l command_list
2732 command_list
[ ~/code/random-man ]$ wc -l seen
173 seen

political alignment chart but the x-axis is Irony Bro/Woke Guy and the y-axis is Scold/Chill

being forcibly removed from the Museum of Fine Arts because I refused to stop referring to Claude Monet as β€œC-Money.”

Back when comic book characters taught you something too. One of the simplest radios you can make.

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