Being on this massive instance that so many instances are #defederating from is bumming me out a bit. For a few reasons, I’m staying put (for now). I wonder if there are any solutions being explored by @Gargron and his team to establish more effective moderation processes? Is there any hope the other #instances won’t defederate from mastodon dot social?

@serenebabe @Gargron why are they defederating from

I think in some ways it’s bound to occur, some people really like bubbles, and if your in one of those bubbles and don’t want to be, you should move on. But being isolated from one of those bubbles should not be too much of a concern. The people in there either will move, or want to be there.

There’s some pretty isolated bubbles out there!

@ku7 because of the racism, and I think, possibly anti-trans harmful behaviors? Basically, insufficient moderation, as far as I understand it.

I know @freemo led a charge to defederate against after Eugen supported a Nazi’s misinformation and spam campaign, but IDK how many people listened to him.

@realcaseyrollins @Gargron @serenebabe @freemo

Criticising a person's actions != leading "a charge to defederate" their server, eh?

@ceoln @Gargron @serenebabe @freemo IDK saying somebody sided with racists usually gets one reaction on the #Fediverse, especially within the #Fediblock community...

@realcaseyrollins @Gargron @serenebabe @freemo

Still, it's not fair or accurate to say that someone led a charge to defederate a server, when all they actually did was criticize an admin of that server. They're different things.Seems potentially important. :)

@ceoln @Gargron @serenebabe @freemo You're not wrong here. I mistook the likely result for the intention, my bad.

I shouldn't speak for freemo.


To be clear I have no intention of seeing defederated or any other instance. My goal is to bring this to light in the hope otherwes will realize what is happened and **not** defederate from us or continue to spread the lies. Hopefully it willknock some sense into Eugen

I do admit that bringing to light Eugen's negligance may very well have the effect of being defederated... thats more on Eugen than me however.

Anything that will die as a result of the truth coming to light deserves to die as Carl Sagan once said.

@Gargron @serenebabe @ceoln

@freemo @realcaseyrollins @Gargron @serenebabe @ceoln

It’s unfortunate that qoto is no longer listed on joinmastadon. When I recently joined, I scrolled through that whole list, finding everything either too specific or lacking in moderation. LaTeX support was a bonus.

I didn’t know anything about Mastodon, and didn’t know how to make the choice.

But on reading your history w/ Snow, and your compromise of silencing but not blocking domains, I realize I made the right choice.

While cishet myself, I’ve been an ally for 50 years. I want no part of bigotry, but also recognize the occasional need to monitor what bigots are up to.

It’s unfortunate my fellow Twitter refugees are not being given the same option.


Sadly as Eugen said he doesnt care about the facts, he cares about "optics"... Whats right is secondary to popular opinion.

@realcaseyrollins @Gargron @serenebabe @ceoln


@freemo @realcaseyrollins @Gargron @serenebabe @ceoln

That’s part of why I spoke up! Often, “loud” is mistaken for public opinion, and “loud” is often far removed from what is right. That’s how silence becomes complicity.

So here’s my voice trying to bring “loud” back toward what’s right.

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