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Yes, please show us how peaceful you really are by threatening everything that you don't like.

UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that
would also stop you from doing clever things.
-- Doug Gwyn

If I had to bet on one thing, it's that through all this mayhem, the stock market will find a way to go up.

Uspol fear 

Does anyone see a situation where there won't be fighting in the US? Because I don't..

South Africa 🇿🇦 COVID-19 current stats for Sat Jan 09 2021

Cases: 1,192,570
Deaths: 32,425
Recovered: 947,919
Active: 212,226
Tests: 7,043,680


WiGLE WiFi is a neat war driving app that lets you find local open wifi access points that are available around you, and you can build a map of your area's wifi.

Here's How Trump Can Still Win!!!1 

A coup. A literal coup. By the literal deep state, that was his bitter and eternal enemy all the way up to two minutes ago. Because they themselves lost the last of their faith in the Democrats' ability to follow through on a simple idea like
>heal the nation
>don't provoke a persistent armed uprising from people who you, not Trump, are making to feel they have nothing to lose, not even their lives, in the alternative
like, how many of these people must be delicately approaching the Harris camp with conversation topics like "you're not TRYING for civil war, are you? Would you like to discuss a less dangerous way to achieve your ends?"
never been an accelerationist myself, so hopefully those are just productive conversations.
Holy shit guys, if you make everyone in a group feel the same way, the FBI's not going to have an organization to infiltrate because you're going to start seeing the appearance of coordination without an organization. Pretty sure you should've read some Chomsky about that.

See I told you how Twitter was so dumb that thinking about it too much would make you conspiratorial? This must be some kind of internet-communicable retardation I'm coming down with.

"In a span of 48 hrs the “progressive”contingent has destroyed any semblance of credibility by embracing technocratic fascism and full on authoritarianism in their quest to uh fight *fascism*

On Pleroma: sudo -Hu pleroma pg_dump pleroma > pleroma.psql

Then copy the file to your computer with rsync or scp or something.

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@freemo what are your thoughts on my ass's highly technical statical analysis of the chances of rioting and war now? 💩

If there ever was a time to not make "Gargleon Deez-Nuts" jokes, this would be it, lol

Maybe if I refresh faster, then I can speed things up and get it over with. That's how it works, right?

Guess I should have kept my night vision monocle after all...

Try an app for your phone and computer that reduces the blue light on your screens at night.

To be clear, mean words don't cause a loss in safety. Tribalism can lead to a loss. But more dangerous than both of these is the damage that such thought-policing and fear-mongering has on our democracy. It amplifies divisions for no reason.

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Social media companies are beholden to advertisers. Advertisers are beholden to angry mobs. As long as this is true, social media companies will continue to restrict free speech, then will justify their restrictions under the guise of "safety."

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