Choosing BEST format for web images? 

@design_RG bitmap image. :black_block_blob:

Lettuce production at hydroponics system. Lettuces grow in the water. For water & soil saving, high effectivity, low labor requirement.

He will make new mistakes because this is

@togs new place for learn new things. I like first days.

@admicos İrem Derici (Turkish singer) set donkeys as an opponent for her song videos but she couldnt pass donkeys until video removed.

Totally Random #youtube Fact: The most viewed video in #Turkey, for a long time, was "balıkesirin çılgın eşekleri" (Crazy donkeys of Balıkesir)

It had over 85M views before getting removed in (IIRC) 2017 due to, well, the contents of it.

There are reuploads and similar videos available, but I do NOT recommend you check them out.

The video is ~50 seconds of two donkeys having intercourse.

I assume the most viewed video here nowadays is a boring and generic piece of pop music.

My inception style cover photo(left) taken from Grand Bazaar (🇹🇷 Kapalı Çarşı)

Digital Artist: Aydın Büyükbaş

Göbeklitepe is worlds oldest temple. 8 thousand years older than the Stonehenge. (BCE~9.000) (Location: Şanlıurfa/Turkey)

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