pushes VE-PTP (How?🤓) to downstream pole of , followed by endocytosis->⏫p-Tie2

Potentially explain how &

Inhibition of VE-PTP by AKB-9785 fortifies & reduces Atheromas at atheroprone regions (aortic arch inner curvature, arch+intercostal bifurcations)🐭

Nice comparison of anti-leakage strategies
VE-PTP inhibition
Angpt1 activation of Tie2
Angpt2 inhibition

Dr. Donald McDonald & Dietmar Vestweber labs EMBO Mol Med 2023



"A sandbar is a shoal that develops in a stream as sediment is deposited as the current slows or is impeded by wave action at the confluence."

(Image: Wikimedia Commons, GNU-FDL 1.2, Doron)


Like a sandbar, except instead of gravity they collect via the electromagnetic force. Get it?

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