Effects of on cell behavior & function

DNA replication
mechanical confinement

Direct dosage + secondary Effect:
Redox, bioenergetic, proteostasis, Osmosis
Cancer, Aging

Dr Rong Li & Jin Zhu Nature Reviews MCB 2023


Any evidence on in cardiovascular biology?

From Abraham Aviv lab @ATHjournal 2001

Age-dependent aneuploidy & telomere length of the human vascular endothelium

Tetrasomy Chr6 Chr16
Loss ChrY

Aneuploidy in cardiovascular diseases?🧐


Mice with protein BubR1 deficiency have a spectrum of vascular defects

Vascular BubR1 1/3

Aging-Associated Vascular Phenotype in Mutant Mice With Low Levels of BubR1

Dr. Jan van Deursen lab @StrokeAHA_ASA 2007

Vascular BubR1 2/3

BubR1 Insufficiency Inhibits Through Impaired Vascular Proliferation in Mice

Dr. Takuya Matsumoto lab @atvbahajournals 2014

Vascular BubR1 3/3

BubR1 insufficiency impairs in aging and in experimental critical limb ischemic mice

Dr. Takuya Matsumoto lab @JVascSurg 2018

CRISPR-activated Oct4 as for (LmnaC698G) & natural aged🐭

Polyethylenimine-cationic gold nanoparticle iv.

Do we need an aortotropic vector for ?

Dr. Jongpil Kim lab @AgingCell 2023

Through Oct4 expression is only transiently activated for 2 weeks in 50% aortic SMCs (by day 5 delivery) in progeria mice, but with an amazing long-lasting benefits on SMC vitality, arterial stiffness, progerin, multi-organ ( kidney, spleen, muscle, lung, and skin) senescence transcriptional profile, lifespan w/o apparent dysplasia

IL-11 as a therapeutic target for lung in

In Marfan🐭🫁, IL11-GFP reporter is active in Fibroblast but not alveolar epithelia

Dr. Stuart A Cook & Wei Wen Lim lab ATVB 2023

Also don't miss the story on IL-11 as mediator of Mafan from Circ Res 2022



JMJD1C a histone demethylase
⏫PA Proliferation

Serum Lactate⏬by AAV2-shJMJD1C in🐭-PAH
Local effect on ?

Dr H Zhao lab Cell Death Discovery 2023

High-throughout (50) high-res (<1.9 µm/px) blood flow imaging of whole 2-6 dpf


Visualize the devepmental correlation b/w flow & vascular hierarchy🤩

Dr. Li-Kun Phng lab Front Physiol 2022

A systematic map for zebrafish developmental hemodynamics🤓

"stratification order of median levels of WSSpeak b/w vessel types was maintained in the anterior half... the posterior half had a different WSSpeak hierarchy...b/w 6 & 2 dpf"

in vascular morphogenesis

Human Meniscus single-cell RNAseq atlas
4 normal+4

5 subtypes
Emerging proliferative chondrocyte in degenerated tissue

OA-related /#MuralCell-Chondrocyte crosstalks🤓

Dr. W Fu & X Zhang labs @eLife 2023

Amh+ is a major (80%) cellular source of in🐭Testis

Sertoli, Not SCF->

Cell-specific SCF Glycosylation? Proximity?🧐

Dr Hongfang Shao, Bo Zhou lab @Dev_journal 2023

A highly intriguing --CD44-Survivin cascade dictates β-islet survival

4-methylumbelliferone, an HA biosynthesis inhibitor, protects diabetic🐭(db/db; STZ 40 mg) from hyperglycemia😎

Dr. Paul Bollyky lab BioRxiv 2023

Want to know about this drug 4-methylumbelliferone/#Hymecromone?👇

4-Methylumbelliferone treatment and hyaluronan inhibition as a therapeutic strategy in inflammation, autoimmunity, and cancer

Front Immunol 2015

A high-resolution transcriptomic & spatial atlas of cell types in the whole🐭brain

MERFISH+scRNAseq 10 M+ cells

I will need to sharpen my bioinfo🔪to take a close look into Vascular Division🤖

Dr. Hongkui Zeng lab BioRxiv 2023

A methodological frame to optimize antibody staining of -cleared human brain

"...even a small increase in PFA exposure can have significant influence on IHC quality and depth"

Lots of important empirical points

Dr. Theodore Zwang lab eLife 2023

deacetylates & ->
⏬their transcriptional activities
⏬TGFβ1-induced Fibrotic reprogramming of
in diet-induced🐭

TAZ seems more sensitive to Sirt6 than YAP🤓

Dr. Charlie Dong lab FASEB J 2022

AP-1 transcription factors ATF3/FOSL1/FOSL2/c-JUN reshape Chromatin Accessibility landscape during

HUVEC PD 8vs24vs36
1038 & 964 increased & decreased accessibility regions
>94% >2 kb from TSS

Dr. Wei Tao lab Aging Cell 2021

AP-1 TFs also play pioneering roles in fibroblast 🤠

AP-1 imprints a reversible transcriptional programme of senescent cells

Dr. Oliver Bischof lab Nature Cell Bio 2020

A 125-gene set (15 studies) for /#SASP in Bone/Bone marrow/Adipose/Brain...


vs GenAge & CellAge

MIF as a key SASP gene!

Dr. Dominik Saul, Joshua Farr & Sundeep Khosla labs Nature Comms 2022

Great review on 🤠

Mechanisms & roles of &

Mechano-/geometry-sensing organelles equipped with actin/microtubule/ion channels
Secrete MMPs/DNAase

Dr Stefan Linder & John Condeelis labs Nat Review MCB 2023

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New on the Node: Periodic inhibition of Erk activity drives sequential somite segmentation

Muhammed Simsek, Ertuğrul Özbudak and colleagues share the story behind their research on clocks, gradients and segmentation, where they discover that clock-dependent oscillations in the ppERk gradient drive sequential somite segmentation.


Macrophage MMP12 deficiency->

⏫Alternative Complement activation
⏫Neutrophil Elastase
⏫Elastin loss
-> ⏫

MMP12 mainly acts more as a complement modulator (Cut C3/5?) than elastase in AAA

Dr. Mehran Sadeghi lab Circ Res 2023

Enjoy the Discussion section. Complement system is complex & charming

Fig 1F, 6D, I guess that some stainings were done on adjacent sections?🤪


Epigenetic Reader BRD4 (Bromodomain-Containing Protein 4) Governs Nucleus-Encoded Mitochondrial Transcriptome to Regulate Cardiac Function

A super-cool paper!

Dr. Thomas G. Gillette & Joseph Hill labs Circulation 2020

BRD4 (acetyl lysine reader)-NIPBL (cohesin loading ) complex is critical to differentiation into

BRD4 depletion->⏬+loop extrusion

BRD4 in ?

Dr. Rajan Jain lab Nature Genet 2021

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Low ->
⏫Osteopontin-CD44 in ->
⏫24% of neointimal cells at rat aortocaval junction

A cascade independent of 🤓

Dr. Yung-Hsin Yeh lab Kidney Int 2023

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