@HarryChenPhD This isnt mysterious, it is a bleach truck. It is spraying disinfectant in an attempt to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

@freemo china hasn't released what they are spraying, I'm just reposting all the stuff that got me banned on twitter along with newer content

@HarryChenPhD Oh dont worry your not breaking the rules. Just curious and wanted to follow along is all. Thought I might be missing the story.

Let me see if i can find anything that says what disinfectant they are using.


Very sorry to hear that.

I am the founder and administrator of this server. I assure you you will be protected here. We have had chinese protestors here before and have a strict policy to defend, support, and protect them so long as are kind to other users.

We also back up our data across multiple countries just incase someone tries to force our shut down.

Your account is protected here.

@HarryChenPhD I have no doubt the other moderators here would be happy to support you as well. Feel free to chat with them if you'd like. I have no doubt they would be just as happy to support your posts here

@arteteco @mngrif @design_RG


Since I have a pretty large follower count here if you'd like I can introduce you to the fediverse and hopefully help get you some initial followers. Mind if i mention you to my followers and suggest they follow you?

@arteteco @mngrif @design_RG

@freemo @arteteco @mngrif @design_RG
Sure, I'm just here to board cast and I am learning this app. I might be a little touch and go at first.



We have other services you might find useful.. For example we have a peertube instance (like youtube but decentralized using the same protocol as mastodon) and funkwhale, which is for hosting podcasts or other audio, funkwhale is also distributed.

Since Peertube uses the same protocol as mastodon and QOTO you can follow peertube accounts from here and see them right in your normal feed (just as any other user can too).

But more importantly it will allow you to upload larger videos at higher quality.

@arteteco @mngrif @design_RG

@HarryChenPhD Ok so I just checked. They have in fact released the chemical being sprayed, it is bleach.

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