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This seems quite similar to Musk banning journalists from Twitter. Using a corporate monopoly position to repress critics. I think that many of us, particularly in the US, see “business” as an activity that citizens engage in, and regulation of it as an infringement of their rights.

The reality is that business and trade were once controlled by monarchies. These have morphed into oligarchies, but retain their feudal roots. Big business should be treated as the anti-democratic (but probably necessary) evil that it is.

Yesterday, Elon Musk called former Twitter developer Ian Brown a "jackass" after Ian questioned his plans for a complete Twitter re-write.

The whole conversation was bonkers.

Attached video has the context.

Beautiful timelapse of Earth setting below the Moon's horizon captured by the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya. ©JAXA/NHK

#moon #earth #japan #timelapse

I feel your pain. I tend to just keep mine to remind me of them.

Should all Journalists show solidarity with the banned accounts on Twitter and stop posting on Twitter?

It is a few today that fell foul of Elon Musk, it could be you tomorrow over something else.

If you see this post, vote and boost it.

You can add accounts to lists without adding them to your home feed. At least, I can. I don’t think that’s server-specific with any recent version of Mastodon.

On this week's show(, we talked about ChatGPT. Here's some of what @Stoneymonster and Daniel Situnayake had to say on the subject:
“Cancelled” as in being blocked at the instance level, person level or receiving angry replies ro your posts?

I have been unfollowing or simply blocking people who appear to assume negative intent (whether with me or visibly with others). I’m relatively new here, so interested in how things are changing.

@pkrugman While I appreciate your insights, the weird chopped-up posts are annoying to read. I’m assuming that it’s because you’re cross-posting from Twitter. Could you perhaps find a solution where they come across as one continuous post?

I’m muting your account & I’ll probably check back later, but wanted to mention this. It might limit the size of your following by Mastodon & other Fediverse users.

I think that a more interesting question that affects a larger number of people is, “If I were to use cannabis the same way I have been using alcohol, would it be better for my health?”

I expect the answer to that question would be a resounding yes. If you have a couple of cocktails on the weekend, then instead having a single puff of high potency cannabis is far less likely to leave you dehydrated and hungover in the morning. If you drink yourself to sleep every night, smoking half a joint or a bit more every night is likely kill you much more slowly. (I’m not recommending this course of action, but it is “better” in an objectively measurable way.)

There’s a fair bit of misinformation on both sides of this. On one hand proponents of cannabis often seem to assume that “less addictive” means “not addictive” when compared to alcohol. Medical and psychological professionals who have seen people with addictions tend to say that “there is no safe amount of either.”, Which is both technically false and completely unhelpful in answering the question that was asked.

I wrote about the Biden administration's tough line on trade — and its blowing off of the WTO 1/

I assume it is in hopes of molesting teenage girls, but maybe my opinion of republican politicians is unjustified.

(Consults past 10 years of history)

Never mind that last part…

Michigan has a pretty robust cannabis culture, as well. I’m amazed how quickly it has become accepted here.
Lol. Wtf? 🙂

Americans take university sport far too seriously.

Truth. It trickles into high schools as well. It is common for small cities to have one huge high school instead of several smaller ones. Part of the justification for this is to centralize (and reduce) costs, but the main reason is, I suspect, to field better sports teams. A larger pool of students means more athletically gifted kids to choose from.

Of course, this means that fewer kids get the chance to play sports, and there are many other detriments to their well-being as well. Many of us don’t like it, but the policy is still generally supported

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