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On this very day: exactly 100 years ago gravity veered towards Albert Einstein & his Theory of Relativity & the world was changed forever & Einstein became famous.
It was the day when Eddington’s results of the bending of light by the sun were announced to the royal society.

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I am the admin for qoto, the @admin account you linked is not, We also have @arteteco and @Surasanji
who are fellow mods.

We dont currently have any nude or NSFW accounts on QOTO, you are probably remarking on accounts you see on other networks that we federate with.


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@freemo @Jastej There are ctually three different "timelines" you can look at, Jastej.

I marked then on the screencapture below.

"Local" is all the recent posts made in your instance (in this case, ours is QOTO.org), in chronological order. Ypou will see anything any user here posts, as long as they mark it Public.

"Home" would be the next place to consider, this shows your own posts, as well as any posts from users you follow, or any posts one of those users gave a boost to/retweeted.

'Federated" is the last one I would look at, as it's HUGE, everything that the network sees scrolls by there, very fast at times. Posts from any instances that your instance currently is federated with (connected, communicating). In qoto's case, that is all of the fediverse (Federated Universe, the network of independant instance/servers who connect and communicate with each other).

As you click on one of those, you get to see the current listing of posts in that area or feed.

The screenshot is from my laptop, running Mastodon in a Waterfox web browser tab; it might be slightly different on a mobile client, like Tusky or others.

@admin @Mastodon should be aware and cautious of people who are putting vulgar and pornographic material on this social network. It may be a handiwork of other social networking platforms who feel threatened from @Mastodon. If proper precautions are not taken then the new users may not feel safe here forcing them to make less use of this platform.

The entire Indian media is controlled by crony capitalists of BJP govt in power which is a right wing political party in India. The present status of Indian media is appropriately described in this 10 second video.

Rest in peace Sh. TN Seshan, India's most daring Chief Election Commissioner. It was because of his courage that Election Commission of India got its teeth. It was he only who proved the mettle of Election Commission of India and made the Governments realise that ECI was not a mere dummy but a real tool to enforce fair, impartial, unbiased and independent elections.
People of India will always remain indebted to you for your contributions.

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What a huge spike at . 723 new users in less than a week.

All the new STEM posts I'm seeing popping up are amazing and its also great to meet so many new people.

As many of you know they are largely from India :india: and I for one amd enjoying all the new culture and perspectives they are bringing.

Its great being a part of this community and seeing it grow.

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Seems we have over 400 new users on from the Indian Twitter Exodus in the last 24 hours, nearly 600 this week!

For everyone I havent gotten the chance to welcome yet, Hi, I have no doubt our new Indian :india: friends will enrich our community in new ways that I for one am eagerly looking forward to.

Ayodhya verdict set to come out tomorrow. No matter what may be the outcome, i don't think that conventional political parties will let such an issue to get finished so easily. The moment people get free from the religious influence they might start asking questions on fundamental issues like education, health and employment. So these political parties will not let any religious issue to get finished so easily.

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@Jastej Welcome to the community. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat. In the meantime see here: qoto.org/about/more

The link above should answer your question and much more. If not message me and I'll help you out.

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