for today,
What are all the local calamities (preferably environmental) you are facing currently? Do you suspect as a reason behind it? (or) some other factor?
Is there anything you or your local authority can do to solve any immediate/ long-term crisis?

@Karthikdeva dust allergies acting up now! Never before had that issue unless I was at a construction site or anywhere near a place super dusty! They still burst crackers here, even after the way the sky has been looking.... So basically nobody cares. I suspect pollution and everything about it in this area sucks!


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@Karthikdeva I think the Northern latitudes is where the impact of climate change, temperatures raising is showing most clearly.

The permafrost, frozen soil under very large areas of Siberia, Alaska, Northern Canada is starting to melt, releasing a lot of water in the Spring (with floods being worse), buildings badly affected by softer soil underneath their foundations.

Gas and Oil pipelines with hundreds of kilometers lengths are built on those regions, and can be damaged by shifting soils. Major leaks can result.

The melting permafrost also leads to ancient vegetation in it starting to rot, and releasing vast quantities of CO2 and other gases, as well as noxious rotting smells.

Saw a really good report on the Washington post on this subject :

@design_RG Wow, the report gave me a mild panic attack. Thanks for sharing. Future seems bleak :(

@Karthikdeva You are very welcome. I found it excellent reading, and the photos are great too.

We don't know much about Siberia, but it's an immense region that will be changing a lot.

The sheer size of Russia can only really be appreciated on a globe or a nice big world map.

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