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Bit of light reading for a Sunday 🤔 Looking at various tools and methods for identifying cellular senescence in an attempt to save the lab team a lot of time carrying out manual cell counts 😬

@MedicalDemocrat I prefer using it in the app. But not the official one through. You miss a lot of things if you use that app.

I use Tusky for Android. And for ios there is Metatext.

Hi, I am Shibaprasad Bhattacharya.

I am from India. Currently working as a Senior business analyst.

Areas of interest: Sitcom(, , etc.), Math (), Data Science, Running, Poetry, Football (, ) and Music ( , , etc.)

Hope to engage with a lot more people here than on the bird app.

Is using Mastodon in the app (vs in the browser) a mistake?

I've seen some comments like that, but today I noticed an egregious difference: one follower is listed in the app as having joined on November 18, but the same follower viewed in the browser is listed as having joined on November 3.

I've seen the same for multiple followers: in the app the follower appears with certain details, but in the browser those same apparently immutable data fields seem to hold different values.

The same user appears different in the app than in the browser.

Surely that's a bug?

For those wondering, Mastodon contains no “web3” or crypto technology, and significantly predates any of that. The technology deployed here is primarily ActivityPub, which has roots in tech like RSS and PubSubHubbub.

It is noteworthy that “web3” designs are absent from the Twitter emigration discussion; that’s because it’s a scam and not fit for purpose.

The minute people start talking about adding crypto to the fediverse, run. That’s not what this is about and violates its spirit and design.

How to follow #Mastodon Hashtags

1. Login on your Mastodon account from your PC (unlike #Twitter, Mastodon is not well optimized as an app yet)

2. Search for your desired hashtag. Example: #mastodonon

3. Click on your desired hashtag.

4. You will get the below picture at the top of your screen.

5. Click on the (person+) button - I put it in a red circle below for clarification.

🔁 Repost for everyone to know. Follow me for daily tips.

Is anyone here using FreedomBox? Care to share your experiences and/or opinions?

My new book, TRACERS IN THE DARK, is out today. I've been writing it since 2020, but it draws on 11 years of reporting, since I published the first print magazine article on Bitcoin in 2011.

The book chronicles how the discovery that it was possible to trace cryptocurrency that was once considered untraceable upended an entire digital underworld. It's the most epic true crime/detective story I've ever come across as a reporter.

I hope you'll read it.

"What can people do to help Mastodon if they like your ideas?

I would say contribute to the Patreon for the server that your account is on. These people who are running servers, they're making it happen, and it's them who should be receiving people's support."

#mastodon @Gargron

OMG I just realized Mastodon is what Twitter would be if it were Canadian

I'm trying to find and download a copy of Ellen Kushner's Sound & Spirit, the episode that covered The War To End All Wars, which I recall included the song "Waltzing Matilda" and many others like it.

It was broadcast through 2010. There used to be an official archive on the web hosted by WGBH or PRI, but I can't find it anymore.

I've searched (found the episode on Joan of Arc but that's all) and the entire web with Google, to no avail.

Any ideas?

Public Money, Public Code 🇪🇺

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?

We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. If it is public money, it should be public code as well.

Code paid by the people should be available to the people!

#FOSS #OpenSource :opensource:

Mastodon is really having a moment in mainstream news coverage. CNN, BBC, TIME, etc.

The influx of users will continue at an alarming rate. Remember to be welcoming, and kind, and positive, and helpful.

This isn't just an opportunity to improve the idea of social media, it's an opportunity to shine a wonderful light on #opensource.

This is a really insightful interview with @Gargron, the founder of Mastodon. His main disagreement with the bird app is around contrasting ideas of free speech. There’s a “strange dichotomy,” he says, that makes Mastodon what it is: on the one hand, more decentralized, more democratic, and, on the other—and perhaps paradoxically, if you’re used to the capitalist, top-down model of social media—safer. Worth reading if you want to understand the ethics/philosophy behind this platform we’ve all chosen to use.

Some thoughts on the "Lexodus" from Twitter to Mastodon

And why Mastodon is inherently more attractive to any liberal and how it is geared for constructive exchanges

Latest on the Ukraine war from the Study of War experts 

Latest newsletter here:

Good news is a shift away from nuclear rhetoric by Russia.

We just published this guide at WIRED this morning, for those wanting to build your follow list from your Twitter. #TwitteMigration

Above the age of majority (≥18 years in most countries), I hope you'll consider applying to study medicine with The Medical Democrats (not a political group, but an evidence-based teaching & learning group) using the link below. Only cost is your time.

Hi all,

Software developer, Linux user, and keyboard geek here.

I just signed up and I'm trying out Mastodon.

Just looking to see how it goes.


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