@freemo I think about it a fair amount to be honest. When you think about it, the pilot is already submerged in a fluid. We just have to consider how the pilot is supported. Changing that fluid and working out how something will move in it would take some research but it could be interesting.

I think a problem that is always going to be there is the way that the human body works internally. Our organs will move independently, no matter how we might be supported in space. Our brain can be concussed quite easily if we are jolted. Working out how to stabilise our internal structure for that kind of travel would be quite the challenge I think.

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Am I the only one who ever thinks about countering g-forces by allowing a pilot to be submersed in liquid instead with neutral boyancy. This would completely eliminate passing out from g-forces at any acceleration factor.

Though of course it would be complicated so I understand why it isnt done. You would need a complicated system to maintain pressure in the tank so it wont fluctuate quickly. But since g-forces are usually transient if done correctly decompression might not be a big issue

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I assume when the pandemic is over @jonathansfrakes will open a bakery called Bread Alert.

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I pledge for every "doc"-folder being renamed to "tfm". We tell users to rtfm all the time, so how are they supposed to find tfm?

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If you're new to reading your students evaluations, know that you'll be simultaneously told you're wonderful/terrible, well-prepared/ill-prepared, available/unavailable, and moving too fast/too slow. You'll also get complaints about things students never mentioned all semester.

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I've been using the chrome google translate extension for a few weeks now to translate foreign language posts in my feed. It has done an amazing job virtually every post seems to translate and the translation seems well enough to communicate and get the original intent.

How is this not a built-in mastodon feature!

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If your executives inform you that they find it outrageous that 40% of all sick days taken by employees happen to fall on a Monday or a Friday...

...and the silence that ensues when you point out that Mondays and Fridays simply account for 40% of all workdays πŸ˜‚

@galacticstone You could have a museum and have a shop at the end of it to sell things out of:) The Galactic Stone and Ironworks museum sounds INCREDIBLE! I'd visit:D I go out of my way for places like that. I love natural history!

@galacticstone I'd not sell it for anything. I'm in Scotland so I can't buy it. Keep it:) I'm giving you permission. You got a freebie save from the person who would have swiped it today:)

@galacticstone I just saw your holocene coyote skull. So amazing:)

So, woodworking. For an engineering question. How much manufacturing waste should I reasonably expect from marine ply? I am trying to work out material utilisation right now, but I actually don't know enough about the material to work out a margin of error on it and it would mess with me to just guesstimate. Does anyone here know how this material behaves irl?

@freemo Hmm, well I was about to ask a woodworking question, though it was for an engineering project. I like coming here because it has very little drama. It's comfortably cerebral but fun with it. I don't have to feel out of my depth with things I don't really understand about the world. That said, I'd hate to exclude people simply because they aren't like me. And we should be able to share cool shit from other sources. The things we find exciting aren't always our own. As long as credit is given, what is wrong with saying "THIS IS AMAZING! LOOK!" It's why a good chunk of us live in libraries after all:) Quality standards? I like the Wil Wheaton one. Don't be a dick. I think more people should abide by that one.

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So I posted some questions on our discourse about how we want to use and/or moderate the QOTOJournal hash tag. I will repeat the questions here and leave a link to the discourse at the bottom for further discussion.

Does it have to be STEM specific or can it include other fields?

Does it need to have scientific integrity (Peer review) or simply be "serious"?

Do we enforce any sort of quality standards?

Should it be restricted to only sharing ones own work or can it be for anytime someone shares serious work from any source?

Do we limit the timeline we have built-in to QOTO to only display users of the Tag from our local server?

Do we put any limits to how often people can post to the tag?

What measures, if any, do we want to use to prevent abuse of the tag?


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them: oh my gosh your gender is great, I love it
me: thanks, it has *pockets!*

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RT @CuteAnimaIVines
poodle gets very excited when his owner shows up to pick him up from doggy daycare πŸ˜‚

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It amazes me this ever became a trend among thugs, like how do they act all tough and take each other seriously with their pants down

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