Retro SciFi Movie of the Week...

I, Robot (2004)

This is the only movie so far in the “Retro SciFi Movie of the Week” series that has a black character in it. I had to come all the way up to the 21st century to find it. So this film is not very “retro”, although the original story is from the mid-20th century.

Black people are even more under-represented in science fiction films than they are generally in Hollywood.

Note: Although Nichelle Nichols (as Uhura) was a character in Star Trek, in the particular episode featured here in this series, she only had a bit part. (Plus that one was not a movie, it was TV.)

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@Pat The Matrix, Galaxy Quest, Men In Black... 20th century goodness with important black characters. :)


Yeah, I didn't think of those. They were 1997 and 1999. I don't remember any black characters in Galaxy Quest, must have been a minor role. I think of GQ and MIB as comedies, but if I can say that "The Absent-Minded Professor" is a scifi, then those certainly are.

Will Smith is kind of an exception, having done many great scifi films.

I actually found one that was done back in the mid-20th century that had a black character. Maybe I'll include it in this series.

@Pat In Galaxy Quest it was the 'pedal on the metal' black pilot, who was a tiny kid when the "original Galaxy Quest" (in the movie) aired.

Mind you, Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite scifi movies... it's just so perfectly executed.


It's one my favorites, too. It was a funny premise, and as you say, it was well executed.

I vaguely remember the character. I think he was the pilot who scraped the paint off the real spaceship when they were pulling out of spaceport.

@Pat Yes, that one. *Leans to the right to will it into that direction*

Guy: "You gotta move to the right. More to the right."

Tommy: "Would you sit your ass down?"

Guy: "Hit parallel."

Tommy: "Move! You wanna drive this thing?"


Ye gods, that was a painful scene lol.

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