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There is a toot and I want to see the list of users who have favorited the toot. It indicates that it has "4" favorites, but when I go to the page that displays the list of users, it only shows two names.

Here is the page that shows who favorited it:

Here's an image of how the page displays the accounts:

Also, I'd like to block those accounts.

The only way I can see to block an account is to find something that that user has posting in a thread on qoto and then click on the 3-dot icon. But if the users don't have posts on a qoto thread, how can I block them?

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@Pat I believe that has to do with their privacy settings

I imagine it's somewhere around here

but it could be a feature that Qoto hasn't implemented. you'd have to ask @freemo

@Pat I'm in tusky. i can just go to a profile and there's a vertical ellipsis in the upper right, opens to a menu, "block" is an option


The web interface doesn't appear to have that option.

This is a known issue with how other servers implement AP. As far as i know it cant be fixed on QOTOs end


Ok, thanks. What about the blocking question?

Is there a way to block a user on another instance from the qoto site without finding a toot of theirs somewhere in a qoto-supplied feed? Like just entering the @user@site.tld into a field on a form.

Im nt sure i understand. Blocking them the normal way doesnt work?


The only way I know how to block someone is to find a toot that they did somewhere in a feed on qoto (local, home, federated), and then open that toot in the web by clicking "Open in web" to get the 3-dot ellipsis icon to show up, and then click on that ellipsis icon to popup a selection to mute, block, etc. If the user I want to block doesn't have a toot that I can get to easily, e.g., if the offending toot was in the federated feed and it's too old to find, then I can't block them.

That's the only way I know how to do it.

For example, how would I block those two users I cited above? They have no toots I can find on the qoto site.

(I don't want to go to some other instance's website to do it because I have no idea what that other site might do.)

Type the full user name in the search bar on qotos web interface. Click the user, thist will show their profile inside qotos web ui. Click the three dots on their profile and choose the option to block.

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