Our new executive director speaks on the exclusion of marginalized groups in child protection in this excerpt from our 2023 brochure.
Read the complete brochure: prostasia.org/publications/bro
Hear more from Dr. Tenbergen: prostasia.org/event/prevention

This pride month, we're reiterating our committment to protecting discussions of queer topics online in the face of rising homophobia. Learn more at our relaunch event on June 8th:

Calling all supporters! 🗣️ Join Dr. Gilian Tenbergen on June 8th for an insightful discussion on the future of sexual abuse prevention. Discover where Prostasia Foundation is headed and watch The Recall: Reframed. Secure your place today! prostasia.org/event/prevention

Meet our new Executive Director! Join Dr. Gilian Tenbergen on June 8th for a discussion about the future of sexual abuse prevention and to learn about where the Prostasia Foundation is headed next. The event features a screening of The Recall: Reframed.

As an experienced researcher, an expert in sexual violence prevention, and a mother, Dr. Gilian Tenbergen knows how important it is to get child protection right. We're excited to work with her to create a world where all children are safe from harm. Welcome to the team @DrGTenbergen prostasia.org/?na=archive&emai

We're thrilled to announce that @DrGTenbergen will serve as the Prostasia Foundation's next Executive Director. With over a decade of experience as a renowned child protection researcher and an unwavering commitment to upholding human rights, Dr. Tenbergen's leadership will set the stage for a new era in our groundbreaking work. prostasia.org/?na=archive&emai

If we want to prevent abuse, we need people who are brave enough to have hard conversations about why it happens. The Prostasia Foundation exists to bring those people together. You can join the conversation in our forum:

Join @WoodhullFreedom at a free conversation on how censorship has impacted adult performers, how porn can be beneficial for sex education, and how it affirms sexual freedom. eventbrite.com/e/censored-plea

We signed the @dontdelete.art manifesto along with 1,800 artists and institutions because censoring art from social media is censoring constitutionally protected self-expression. Join us and sign here: www.dontdelete.art.

@FSCArmy's Capitol Hill Fly-In is your opportunity to meet with members of Congress or their key staff to communicate how financial discrimination affects your business and the adult industry.action.freespeechcoalition.com

Why are conservatives falsely claiming that a UN report validates child sexual abuse? Perhaps because the report actually says that abortion and consensual sex work should be decriminalized.

"Child sexual abuse is a preventable public health issue. The Jenna Quinn law offers a solution through community-based education and training. Demand action from your representative today!" prostasia.org/campaign/jenna-q

"The Jenna Quinn law is a crucial step in the fight against child sexual abuse. Join the movement and call on the House of Representatives to vote on it now" buff.ly/33AoVCp

"The impact will be felt disproportionately by people who already face severe health disparities and barriers to accessing health care – including people of color, people struggling to make ends meet, young people, and people living in rural areas." action.aclu.org/petition/tell-

Sexuality is a broad concept that includes sexual orientation, gender, kinks, fetishes, paraphilias, and more. Sexuality does not refer to behaviors or codes of morality.

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