"Michael Schuls died after getting trapped in dangerous machinery at a mill in Wisconsin. But across the US conservative groups are pushing to loosen laws that protect children in the workplace" theguardian.com/global-develop

As one of the few child protection organizations that's willing to stand up for the human rights of the LGBTQ+ community, sex workers, and consenting adults, would be a great day to and support us prostasia.org/donate/

"Disabled kids have a much better chance at staying safe in life with things like appropriate and comprehensive sex education and an emphasis on consent as a concept and a reality." prostasia.org/blog/special-ed-

"Special education and students with disabilities deserve a great deal more respect than they get. Most SpEd departments are understaffed and underfunded." prostasia.org/blog/special-ed-

"There were no steps taken towards restorative justice or harm reduction. The adults were told to watch the kids better, and it was over. I was left to help my students through this." prostasia.org/blog/special-ed-

"It’s incredibly easy and incredibly ableist to look at a classroom full of teenagers with intellectual disabilities and think of them as 'innocents.'" prostasia.org/blog/special-ed-

"To help you get answers to any questions you may have about keeping kids safe, as well as who we are, what we do, and what we support, we are launching a new initiative called 'Ask Prostasia.'"

Learn more: prostasia.org/project/ask-pros

"The Parliament’s position on the CSA Regulation is a rejection of authoritarian law enforcement powers, and a reaffirmation of the human rights that constrain governments from using such powers against the people – for any reason at all." jere.my/ai-and-victimless-cont

"KOSA would censor the internet and would make government officials the arbiters of what people can see online" act.eff.org/action/call-congre

As one of the only child protection organizations that is willing to stand up against human rights violations and censorship (particularly against groups such as the LGBTQ+), we rely on the generosity of our supporters to support this vital mission: prostasia.org/donate

"This can’t happen without involving sex workers. Their voices and experiences need to be central to any initiative in forming an educational and safety framework." prostasia.org/blog/defining-an

"If there are educational, safety, and regulatory systems in place to ensure the safety of consensual sex workers, it becomes much easier for someone to find an ethical place to purchase sexual services that don’t involve exploitation." prostasia.org/blog/defining-an

"When people are educated about what positive sexual behavior, sexuality, and human relationships look like, it’s easier to prevent harmful exploitative behaviors like sex trafficking." prostasia.org/blog/defining-an

"many of these initiatives target both consensual sex work, consensual work, and exploitative situations rather than addressing the core inequities that fuel the exploitation." prostasia.org/blog/defining-an

"According to a United Nations report, 79% of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, mostly of women and girls. It’s here where the story gets murky." prostasia.org/blog/defining-an

For those of you new to the newsletter - the first publication from our collaboration with SUNY Oswego and Nottingham-Trent University on the effects of fantasy and fictional sexual outlet use among MAPs is now live!" prostasia.org/newsletter/?emai

"I'm also excited to announce that we are bringing back the Prostasia Conversations series, so you can expect to see Prostasia Conversations returning to Youtube and your favorite podcast subscription service before year's end." prostasia.org/newsletter/?emai

The premise here is simple: we must learn how to talk about child sexual abuse if we want to be successful in preventing it." gtenbergen.wordpress.com/2023/

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