Demonizing a group of people puts them in an unsafe position, and the most vulnerable among us are children. This isn't being done to protect children, it's being done to hurt people who are different.

"How can you talk about sexual abuse in the home, if your guardians can block you from attending the very classes that enable you to know what that is?!"

The technical and implications of scanning all chat services for any kind of illegal activity are staggering. This is not only invasive, from a perspective, it is a breach waiting to happen.

By not limiting access to healthcare, the Supreme Court has done the right thing. Access to healthcare is fundamental to general well-being. Some feel it may be a temporary victory, however.

"She said that in her school district, the bill will likely
have an affect on sex education due to the political climate and how the
term 'grooming' and 'sexualizing' children has been used by far-right
groups, locally."

If you need an explainer on why you should call your senator and tell them you don't support the Kids Online Safety Act, and how it will be used for censorship and to attack marginalized communities...

Google Scholar has long allowed non-scientific sources in results, giving legitimacy to sexual abuse misinformation. In the most recent case, a homophobic website with outdated and misinterpreted abuse statistics was sent to researchers enrolled in alerts for abuse-related terms

"Often there is no crime to prosecute, and importantly, experts have learned that a supportive rather than punitive approach is more effective in many cases for reducing danger over the longer term."

You can find us at the New York State Alliance and NY ATSA joint conference in Saratoga Springs this week! Come learn about abuse prevention!

Being LGBTQ in a world that has allowed extremist views to flourish means worrying about politics and terrorism. Sexual violence also disproportionately affects lgbtq people, including children.

Helping kids is just about the most noble thing anyone can do. But organizations like @ProstasiaInc cannot exist without our supporters

If you prefer to support on a recurring basis, consider becoming a member:

This is a great article outlining the many harms done by confusing sex work that harms nobody and the sinister realities of sexual trafficking.

"Two separate reports today accuse Instagram and Facebook parent company Meta of ignoring reports of parents sexually exploiting their own children for financial gain using paid subscription tools"

"Meta — the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads — has failed to enforce its own policies against anti-transgender hate posts, including posts made by high-profile political influencers and media outlets"

"Our findings show how current messages to simply avoid sexting do not work for young people. While the risks should be acknowledged, education should also include how to be respectful and safe with sexting."

"Previous attempts to enact a national Jenna’s Law failed to make it to the president’s desk twice before – failing to make it out of committee or to a full vote before previous congressional sessions ended. "

"To prevent CSA from occurring it is important to understand both who perpetrates it and how it is perpetrated. Historically, prevention efforts have misdirected and focused on the stranger-danger myth of CSA"

For , we recommend you contact your representatives and warn them to OPPOSE and the as they are censorship bills that would endanger everyone (especially the LGBTQ+ children!), NOT protect them.

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