For , we recommend you contact your representatives and warn them to OPPOSE and the as they are censorship bills that would endanger everyone (especially the LGBTQ+ children!), NOT protect them.

The Kids Online Safety Act should really be called the Kids Online Censorship Act. Because that’s what it would do – it would force Internet companies to over-censor the Internet in the name of protecting children.

The Act and "are not likely to substantially improve online safety for children, yet all could have the unintended effect of exposing children to more harm while eroding all users’ online experience and raising constitutional concerns."

From /SESTA and the (UK) to and , it's becoming increasingly common for governments to use children as pawns to push anti-porn, anti-sex worker, and anti-free speech legislation, none of which protect children.

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As far as I can tell, the politicians are straight up lying about engaging with the groups asking to shelve the bill.

The new version is not better, it’s still extremely flawed, broadly targeting speech and using liability as a lever, which will backfire just like SESTA

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THREAD: There has been a fair amount of discussion about how, even with the changes, the (or ) would be weaponized against LGBTQ+ folks & especially queer and trans youth.

But there's another huge problem with the bill: it would censor abortion content.

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The senate right now is discussing whether to add to their must pass spending bill. This bill will lead to mass-censorship online of anything the far-right does not like, because it lets state attorney generals sue any site for having "harmful content" towards minors.

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RED ALERT: hearing @SenSchumer is falsely claiming he has hear “no opposition” to despite LGBTQ+ and digital rights advocates repeatedly explaining how this bill is a disaster with a lot of the same problems as the EARN IT act and similar bills.

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He's willing to work with fascists and transphobes and homophobes and ignore the vast majority of people who DO NOT WANT bills like and . If he actually cared about kids he'd push for more public school funding, more mental health resources, better wages.

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Congress should pass an actual privacy bill like instead of , which literally subjects kids to MORE privacy violations

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@SenSchumer and the people behind the /#kidsOnlineSafetyAct have made it clear that they don't care about kids or people; they don't care how much damage this is going to do to LGBT youth by censoring valuable LGBT information and sex education resources. @EFF @ACLU

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This is Marsha Blackburn, the lead Republican co-sponsor of the "Kids Online Safety Act" at a hate rally targeting transgender kids.

Groups like the Heritage foundation are openly saying they want to use this bill to ban LGBTQ+ content online

Why are Dems supporting this?

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🚨URGENT🚨 - Act now to keep a bad bill off must-pass legislation. will make vulnerable kids less safe

Step 1: Use the link below to email your lawmakers.

Step 2: Call 508-761-1268 and tell Sen. Schumer that will lead to more surveillance and won't keep kids safe.

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Really frustrating to see an entire @washingtonpost write up on the Kids Online Safety Act () that doesn’t include any of the concerns that have been repeatedly raised by LGBTQ+, free expression and privacy advocates.

RT @evan_greer: is one of the most dangerous bills that could potentially move during the "lame duck" (we really need a better term for this) session after the election. It's a well-intentioned "protect the children" bill that would harm LGBTQ+ youth and subject kids to surveillance

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