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"Time and time again, we’ve seen that sex negativity can lead to harmful stigma, rampant misinformation, and policies that infringe on human rights while failing to protect children."

"For too long, outdated concepts like “stranger danger” have masked the reality that anyone can be an abuser. Fixing these misconceptions requires open dialogue about why abuse happens and how to prevent it..."

“This horrific act of hate has no place in America, and stands against our fundamental values: freedom from fear for how we pray, what we believe, and who we are.”

"Rather than needing to reconcile the two, our sex-positive approach is what empowers us to set aside assumptions and focus on the facts of what it takes to keep kids safe."

"In a sex-negative society, children are sheltered from all mentions of sex, leaving them unprepared to recognize and report an abusive situation, should they encounter one. Sex positivity recognizes that information about sex is not inherently dangerous..."

"It’s up to us as parents to break the cycle and teach our children how to think openly, be accepting, respectful and understanding of others, and to make the right decisions for themselves and their own sexual health."

Friendly reminder that the same government that wants access to all of your encrypted DMs can't even keep classified information from being leaked in a video game.

Dark money in the Crypto Wars: "the Heat Initiative, as opaque as it is new, introduces the obscured interests of billionaires to a dispute over the rights of ordinary individuals."

We're the only child protection organization that refuses to compromise on your human rights and fundamental freedoms. Support our work with a donation:

"The STOP CSAM Act, as amended, would lead to censorship of First Amendment protected speech, including speech about reproductive health, sexual orientation and gender identity, and personal experiences related to gender, sex, and sexuality."

We don't rely on fearmongering or moral panic to grab attention because we believe abuse is best prevented when everyone has access to reliable information. Do you agree? Help us grow with a financial contribution:

Donations aren't the only way to support our work. Our most passionate supporters choose to get involved directly as volunteers. You can learn more and see a list of available positions on our website:

Every year, we intercept thousands of searches for illegal content and direct those searching for it to resources that can help them stop. You can help us grow our impact by donating today:

"More than a quarter of teenagers questioned said they feel anxious all or most of the time with a further 45% saying they feel anxious at least some of the time, with exams, school life, and peer pressure the being main reasons."

From exposing abuse in the foster care system to defending your online privacy from misguided legislation, your support makes everything we do possible. Help us keep fighting with a donation today:

Prostasia is a proud sponsor of @Heal2End's Just Healing Retreat, which will gather in community to integrate the wide spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationships that support and sustain the work of healing.

"Conflating LGBTQ+ identity with pornography is a well-worn tactic among the far-right, and the source of slurs like 'groomer' and 'pedophile' and accusations around the 'sexualization' of children."

"Despite all the barriers and setbacks they face, many 'bad survivors' still manage to cobble together some semblance of a support network."

"In a particularly egregious case, he was told that his attractions made him ineligible to receive support from a helpline for survivors, even after he explained that he had been abused."

CSAM means child sexual abuse material. If a real child isn't being sexually abused through the creation or distribution of the material, it isn't CSAM.

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