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They get you next. No one is safe from laws like this. Where the state can claim "your very existence is traumatic for children".

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Consensual sex is not a crime.

Why should it be a crime when money is exchanged?

Decriminalize consensual adult sex work.

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Hey, kids! It's your old buddy Steve King telling you that if they ban a book in your school, haul your ass to the nearest bookstore or library ASAP and find out what they don't want you to read.

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UK: We promise that these sweeping tech censorship powers will ONLY ever be used against child sexual abuse material...

...oh, and also "video footage that shows people crossing the Channel in small boats in a 'positive light'”. Just as bad, yeah?

Did you know? Prostasia is one of the only organizations acting as a watchdog for the child protection community. We call out attacks on LGBTQ people and violations of human rights disguised as child protection while continuing to promote evidence-backed prevention efforts.

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"Exodus Cry received more than $2.5m in donations in 2021, including from prominent Christian foundations, according to filings to the Internal Revenue Service. It also received $117,300 in government grants."

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The overuse of words like "pedo" and "groomer" by antis is deliberate. If you hammer it into people's heads that XYZ is pedophilia or grooming, it becomes hard to speak to the contrary or present an opposing view point due to the immediate emotional response once has to things-

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Do not trust personal feelings of discomfort when it comes to whether some sexual fantasies are "normal"/"healthy" or not.

Believe the research.
Believe the experts (psychologists, therapists, sexologists, etc).

"I find this gross" is not proof that something is bad/unhealthy.

Masturbation is normal for children and adults alike. Shaming or denying child sexuality does not help stop abuse, it just makes children feel bad for something natural.
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A 12 and 14 year old on a Reboot forum planning to self-harm to stop themselves from masturbating.

Due to a history of abuse and misinformation directed at our team, we sometimes have to block social media accounts defensively. If you believe you were blocked in error, contact us at

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Sex Workers are our greatest allies in fighting sex trafficking. They are, and they always have been.

Let’s call this what it is — an unconstitutional censorship attempt rooted in a coordinated national effort to push LGBTQ+ people out of public life. The must reject this bill.

FOSTA/SESTA could be ruled partly unconstitutional – because it interferes with online discussion of efforts to decriminalize sex work.

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When conservative anti porn lobbyists encourage financial discrimination against porn & sex workers, they aren’t “rescuing” anyone. They’re pushing vulnerable people into even more precarious economic situations. It ruins lives.

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"According to the news site, two of the three judges, Patricia Millett and Harry Edwards, “seemed inclined to rule that aspects” of FOSTA-SESTA violates the First Amendment by appearing to criminalize efforts to legalize prostitution."

“This is two months that I, along with many other students, could have been checking out and reading these books. Instead they sat in tubs and waited for approval that would take months to be granted.”

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“The headline issue here should not be that a teacher has an OnlyFans, but why teachers, key workers, are paid so little that they must turn to sex work to survive.”

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🚨 The documentary I produced alongside directors @mustardphoto and @RachelBethA, is premiering at @sxsw! I am so proud to be part of this film—it approaches sexual abuse in way that we've never quite seen before. It's intimate and upsetting and beautiful

Many of the groups affected by the issues we discuss struggle to find support. Whether you're a CSA survivor, a MAP, someone who encountered illegal content, or an artist who's rights are being infringed, our Get Help page has resources for you.

"“This legislative attempt to redefine obscenity is likely to be met with a constitutional challenge since it seeks to create a new category of unprotected speech that is inconsistent with U.S. Supreme Court precedent,” attorney Larry Walters told YNOT."

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