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"Besides the Louisiana law that entered force on Jan. 1, lawmakers in other U.S. states have introduced age verification bills in a push that the Free Speech Coalition calls the “most aggressive censorship we’ve seen in decades.”"

“Every morning when I first log into my phone, even if it takes a moment to load Instagram, I have an adrenaline rush,” DeVille told NBC News. “Imagine that stress, imagine waking up every morning and wondering if you’ve lost your career.”

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Shaming a person for the sexual fetishes that they have no control over is not healthy. Are the people involved consenting and enjoying themselves? Then leave your shameful opinion out of it please. Just because it’s kinky doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy.

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Stop It Now! Director, Jenny Coleman, is part of a team of prevention experts presenting at the Douglas County School District Legacy Campus in Colorado on February 10th.

There is no cost to attend this panel. Register here:

A few who may become criminals:
- Child advocacy centers who use anatomically correct dolls when questioning victims.
- Special educators seeking to divert mentally disabled clients from harming others.
- Anyone who can't lift a full-size doll.

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The other 2023 sex toy criminalization bill in Utah recently passed the House and now heads to the Senate. Sponsors @MatthewGwynn and Scott Sandall should know their law has no support from prevention experts as it could obstruct their work.

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2023's second sex toy prohibition law was just introduced, this time in Kentucky. Let's remind sponsor @sdietz2 that such laws aren't evidence-based or supported by experts, and could hamper prevention research.

"Among her recommendations are “comprehensive sex education” and perpetration-prevention programs that include “peer support for people who are at risk of offending, but who have committed never to harm a child.”"

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part of the problem with tiktok censorship is that users are making up so many code words to describe serious topics that nobody ever knows what the hell anyone is actually talking about

No matter the situation, adults have the responsibility to avoid putting children in situations that carry a high risk of harm. No child is ever at fault for their abuse.

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On the government would like you to think the does that. But how is it safe to scan everyone's private messages? Given the uncertainties of the tech and its deployment on every phone, the aim is surveillance over safety.

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A far-right Trump-appointed judge in Texas is set to potentially outlaw abortion pills in all 50 states as early as this week. (@Dahlialithwick)

"For autistic people, prison is a special kind of punishment. Bright lights, noise and the relentless presence of other people are overwhelming for many of them."

Your regular reminder that many abuse survivors have coping mechanisms that put them at odds with the mainstream. These can range from an interest in fictional content depicting abuse to violent fantasies and kinks. "Bad survivors" still deserve support.

"Despite the stigma and prejudice that we face, there is nothing wrong with being a furry. We don’t have to apologize for our existence to those who don’t understand us, and we shouldn’t capitulate to their paternalistic demands."

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Adults who have had experiences of sexual abuse as children need and deserve a chance to speak about their experiences with those who understand and can help. If you or someone you love needs support to recover, now is the time to reach out for help.

"Carolyn Foote watched the image of her profession veer from the stereotype of “shrinking violets behind spectacles” cataloging titles to “pedophiles and groomers” out to pollute the minds of the nation’s youth."

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