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Why are conservatives falsely claiming that a UN report validates child sexual abuse? Perhaps because the report actually says that abortion and consensual sex work should be decriminalized.

RT @MamaBearEffect: Approx 50% of photos shared by child abusers online originated from a parents social media account

"Child sexual abuse is a preventable public health issue. The Jenna Quinn law offers a solution through community-based education and training. Demand action from your representative today!"

"The Jenna Quinn law is a crucial step in the fight against child sexual abuse. Join the movement and call on the House of Representatives to vote on it now"

"The impact will be felt disproportionately by people who already face severe health disparities and barriers to accessing health care – including people of color, people struggling to make ends meet, young people, and people living in rural areas."

"Critics of the Arkansas law and others like it have raised privacy concerns, as well as potential First Amendment implications with respect to the right to anonymous speech."

"Don't wait for another tragic case of child sexual abuse. Take action today and urge your representative to support the Jenna Quinn law for community-based education and training."

"Ensuring community-based education and training is key to preventing child sexual abuse. Why hasn't the Jenna Quinn law been voted on by the House of Representatives? Contact your representative now!"

"Based on this definition, many books that provide sexual health information to youth would be banned, along with several books that help LGBTQ+ youth learn about their identities."

The Jenna Quinn law promotes community based education and training for teachers, caregivers, and students to prevent child sexual abuse. So why has the House of Representatives failed to bring it up for a vote? Ask your representative today!

The Australian government will finally be reviewing its censorship laws that treat many consensual fetishes at the same level as CP/CSAM. One porn title was banned because of pirates swordfighting.

"The two-child limit for UK benefits is now affecting 1.5 million children, with more than a million of them growing up in poverty, a campaign group has said in a report into what it termed “this nastiest of policies”."

"Calling this mere 'name-calling,'... does not communicate what is so hateful about it. And it implies a lack of awareness of the slur’s role in a discourse of deliberate dehumanization of trans people"

"In some ways, this perfectly illustrates a system we set up that winds up leaving nothing but trauma and harm in its wake, and yet we justify it in the name of 'protecting the children.'"

"Credit card companies like Mastercard blocked financial transactions at Pornhub leading to a financial disaster for thousands of independent adult content creators who rely on monetization as a means to pay their bills and support their families."

It's no coincidence that many QAnon conspirators have turned out to be groomers - they're the ones who benefit when people fall for misinformation about abuse. That's why Prostasia and the prevention community rely on research and evidence to inform our approach.

There are two different sides when it comes to efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. One of them is committed to using research to find effective strategies for keeping kids safe. The other spends most of their time complaining about an acronym.

The Jenna Quinn Law to help prevent child sexual abuse has been introduced into Congress again, and once again it has our full support. Read more here, and watch out for a link to write to your representative soon.

A common tactic of predators is to portray themselves as being "safe" or "the good guy". It's no wonder why so many of these "predator hunters" end up getting outed as predators themselves

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