What feature would you like to see the Admin's at add to our mastodon instance next?

If you don't see what you'd want in the poll just comment it down below instead.

@QOTO @freemo i made a lurker account on there and saw that the dark stylesheets were a bit incomplete. i forget which ones specifically


That could be, we only maintain actively the default one. Generally if anyone uses a style sheet and has bugs if they report it id fix it within 24 hours. Probably not worth doing if no one uses them though.

I should check to see if they have updates though at least.



@QOTO I'd appreciate a visual indication (e.g. turn interface elements red) if I'm looking at a user who's on an instance that suspends QOTO or blocks it personally. If this condition can be detected in advance, it would save me the bother of trying to interact with them.


If the instance blocks us you would not be able to see the toot in the timeline, same if the user themselves blocks the whole instance or you (in which case you wont see their toots AND their follow button will be greyed out).

The only way they wouldnt be able to hear you but you would see their toots is if the individual silenced you or our instance, or if the whole instance silenced us. In which case the user can still see your responses they just wont get notified when you mention them unless they follow you.


@freemo What did impose on QOTO, a silence or a block? If I reply to someone on that instance, click over to their local web interface and view the post, my reply doesn't show up. Similarly any follow attempt I've made there has shown "requested" and never seen any further action.

@khird Neither. I just checked, that server neither blocks us or silences us. I also just double checked by trying to follow someone and the follow request was successful.

@freemo Thanks for checking! I just tried to follow someone and it switched to "cancel request" - maybe in future they'll approve it, but I'm not particularly optimistic. Is it possible to refuse interaction with users who don't have a high enough follower count? That might explain why it works for you but not me.

@khird As far as i know, no, there is no way to refuse users with low count automatically.

You likely just tried to follow someone with protected follower setting set.

@khird There should be a little lock next to their name if they have protected follower status configured (though it doesnt always show up). If youw ere blocked you wouldnt be able to click the follow button at all.

Keep in mind also if a server is running a GAB fork they are very buggy and sometimes gives an issue similar to what you described as well.

@freemo The user I'm trying to follow has no such lock, but I see the one you mean on another user. Also the button says "Follow", not "Request", before I click it.

@khird What is the user, I can see if i can follow. But I can say for sure the server itself doesnt have us blocked or silenced by the look of it.

@khird Ill investigate further and see if i cant figure out whats going on.

@freemo I know this is old, but to follow up: their block list is now published and qoto does in fact feature on it:

Still unclear whether it's a suspend or silence, but notably even the new subscribe feature doesn't catch posts originating there (I'd hoped that would be a workaround).

@khird @freemo i've noticed this usually means an instance isn't worth your effort if they block without reason. their wording and general "feel" of the writing leads me to believe they would block and not mute. glad to only deal with them this once.

@mngrif @freemo eh, I'm sure they think the same of us: "probably not worth the effort to engage with if they don't even mute gab" or something along those lines. It would be nice if admins didn't erect these kinds of barriers, but there are still people worth following on the other side.

If we're blocked, something is weird about it - you can still search individuals on that instance and view their profiles. So why doesn't the subscribe feature work to pull that in to the home timeline?

@khird Very few instances actually block QOTO. The few that do are smaller (only a few users), or mostly just the extremely radical ones that block a TON of instances indiscriminately.

If you check the various scene graphs or just look around ont he other servers you'll find blocks of the QOTO domain are relatively rare throughout the fediverse.

@khird by the way the reason you are seeing the system behave the way it does to you following users isnt a block or a silence. Some users have protected following. This means if you follow them it will be pending and the user will decide if they wish to approve it or not. If the account isnt active they may never approve it and it may be pending forever.

This is most likely what you are experiencing. As far as i can tell there is no indication of a silence or a block there.


As in you can post a toot and it will be exactly like a public toot except it wont be seen in the Local Timeline (but will be seen int he Federated timeline).


@freemo as much as i like the idea I don't see it being terribly useful

@mngrif local toots to me are less useful than federate only.

Local toots are generally for server announcements, the sort of stuff QOTO makes. Its also good if we want to talk openly about server policy without having the likes of @ isolategab and similar making an issue out of it since they cant see it.

Federate only is great if you have content that might be spammy by local standards (say you want to promote a non-STEM oriented company) but otherwise would be appropriate for the wider fediverse.

@freemo yeah i would feel better about my shitposting if federated-only was an option heh

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